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    When we delve deeper we get more out of it

    Whenever we are undertaking a task or doing some activity or finding some information from the internet or other sources then we have to be very precise as to what we want and go deep in the matter so that ambiguities should not be there in the end. Many people have a habit of going through the things superficially and what they get out of their search is some data which is of not much significance. By working in such a way they are simply wasting their time.
    For example when we are doing some verbal enquiry with an office or call centre or any such place from where we want to extract information then we have to do some homework before talking to that agency. We have to find out what are all those questions which are required to be asked in order to get a complete idea of the matter and then follow it according to that. If we delve deeper in the matters it would be for our own benefit. What do the members think about this?
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    First of all we must have the basic knowledge of the thing on which we are working. Some basic understanding must be there to accomplish some work. Then only we get the various doubts of which we have to enquire. By discussing the idea with interest people also we get proper knowledge of the issue. If we want delve on something first of all we must have some basic knowledge about the issue and interest in solving the issue.

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    Nice post from the author. If we have any apprehension about a person or issue, delving with great details and going deeper to dig would get more information and that can be either supportive or even withdraw from the allegations. Even before going to the law enforcing agencies or court of law, we have to do some spade works so that the petition should be formidable otherwise the courts would not allow the case. Many a time the cases are not allowed to be filed for want of detailed information and no proper evidence collected thereby the courts turned away the complaints to save the valuable court time. Even in personal quarrel and allegations at the family and society level, we must have full knowledge of the issue, the persons, the reasons and above all why the complaint lodged from ourselves.
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    As mentioned by the author one should focus on the point about which we want to search in the internet. We should try through different key words so that we will get the required information. Key words are very important for a correct search.
    Similarly we should make up our mind with what are the various questions we can ask and the order in which we want to ask the questions should also to be planned so that we will get correct information required afterwords we may not left with many doubts and questions.
    If we are not doing our homework properly we may left out with many doubts we feel we have wasted a lot of time and never got the required information.
    Similarly when we read more and more about a particular aspect of a subject we will become more conversant with that subject.

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