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    Why teachers, government employees, VIPs of government don't join their wards in their organization?

    The Collectors,VIPS who work in government organizations during their speeches will tell about the greatness and goodness of government schools and educational institutions. But when it come to their children they will join in costly international schools and educational institutions. Similarly the government teachers never join their children in the schools where they are working. Similarly these people never go to government hospitals where these people are attached. Why these people showing double standards. So they are doing injustice to the duties where they are working. Please share your comments.
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    The teachers would not join their own children in the same school where there are working. Likewise the govt employees knows the standards and ability of govt schools and therefore they are not ready to take risk on their children and thus wants best schools to give them best studies. And how come the children of collectors, district magistrates and even Ministers or MLA's would study in the govt school and through the ages it was proven that the studies were nil to normal and superlative thinking persons cannot put their wards in the govt schools. Either the govt schools be closed at once, or make them on par to the private schools with best teachers, fixing target of achievement and to show performance and make accountable for successful completion of each student from the class with good marks and knowledge.
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    This is an interesting observation by the author. We do not follow what we advise or what we preach others. It is like suggesting the neighbour for sending his mediocre student son to the army but trying some civil job for the own foolish son.
    Many people say that it would be good if India becomes a communist country but when their children join communist party they are severely hurt. This is definitely a dual standard and many people follow it especially those who are in government service.
    A person working in government very well knows the ways of its working as well as its sheer hollowness from inside. So it is natural that he would send the children to posh private schools or if he can afford then would prefer to send them abroad for education. Many government officials working in important positions can very well afford any expenditure of that kind because of the obvious reasons known by all of us. So why they will send their children to inferior schools and colleges?

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    This is the most unfortunate part that is happening always in our country. A government doctor or any other government employee will not go to a government hospital for treatment. He will go to a corporate hospital and all the bills will be reimbursed by the government. No government employee including a school teacher will ever send his wards to government schools. This is due to the reason that is not to all of us. They all know about the quality of the service that will be rendered in government hospitals and the education in government schools. Instead of finding ways to improve the quality, the government is encouraging private schools and hospitals.
    I think the government should stop reimbursing the expenses in the hospitals and the fees in the school for the people who are utilising private organisations even though their parents are working in government. Then there will be some improvement. The quality of the work in these institutes will also improve.

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