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    What are the interesting things that your grandparents and parents about their times of past living

    Usually our grandparents and parents belong to different generations. Their experiences of life is different from our present generation. It is always interesting to know about the facts of living in their past time. My maternal and paternal grandparents used to tell at the time of their childhood there is no electricity in their villages and they used to read in lantern or oil lamps. To travel from one village to other no busses and they used to take water route i.e. through boats. People used to get attacked by Cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, smallpox, polio, viral fevers and used to die in large numbers. At that time studying 10th class itself was a great achievement and they used to get teachers posts in government schools. They used to get around Rs.10 as monthly salary. People used to get marriages in the childhood itself. People from smallest villages to towns, everyone get attracted and become staunch followers of Gandhiji in independence movement. They used to walk kilometers of distance to hear the speeches of Gandhiji meeting conducted at far away places . Share your elders experiences of their times.
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    By the time I both my paternal grandfather was no more. Only my paternal grand mother was there. My metal maternal grandparents were there.
    My maternal grandfather is my role model. He was a very content person. He worked as a primary school head master in a village in the east Godavari DTDC of Andhra Pradesh. He used to be very liberal with us. He used to tell various stories from our epics and his way of narrating was excellent. Children used to be around him always to hear stories that were being told by them. Even my son heard stories told by him. They lived Avery simple life. No power supply in his village when he was studying. To study 8th class he used to travel to. a near by place on a bullock cart. He never had desires. He participated in quit India moment and he used to wear only Khadi clothes. He was very interested in reading news papers and hearing news in All India Radio.

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    Very nice post. Over time, human behavior, social customs, eating habits, etc. all change. Livelihoods are no exception. Many of the things that people used to do to earn a living in the past, may seem strange to anyone today. I heard from my grandmother the Bengal village story of their time. At that time, the only means of transportation were a bullock cart on the road and a boat on the river. Otherwise on foot. The dried branches of the banana tree were boiled in hot water to wash clothes. Lime was made by burning snail shells. In those days everyone was accustomed to living a normal life. Many times only salt and kerosene oil were bought from the market and everything else was available at home. He used to study in the village school and then in the high school. Very few people used to study. There was no doctor. Kabiraj was in the village to cure the disease. There were no people in the village who could do any work except school mastery, agriculture and small business were the occupations then. When you listen to them, you will think that everything was simple but life was difficult.
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    Unfortunately, I did not meet my grand parents but there were some old persons in our village who were more or less of the same ages and they were telling us the stories of the villages dating back 1920 . From their narrations what I could infer that there was not demand of so many stationary items in those days. They were satisfied with their own agricultural produce including the seasonal vegetables. Their main preoccupation was farming of different varieties and some were interested to take the profession of a teacher. Those were the days when the students had to traverse the distance of around 10 km to reach their high schools carrying often one paisa to buy snacks of their choice. Even the choice of their snacks were limited and the price fried peanuts, roasted grams, nimkis were damn cheap. The teachers used to get salaries of Rs 5/- a month enough for the entire family to meet expenses. The children could enjoy bio scope sometimes at one Anna for a single visit. However even our colleagues could not enjoy the same because of its unaffordable cost.

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    My paternal grand parents narrated to me that at their sprawling independent house in Thadhampettai village of Kumbakonam, there was a big Neem tree in which there used to live a ghost and it would ask for food every Friday afternoon and if forgotten it would take the small baby to the tree and would not return until the food was served. They used to tell us that the ghost was living since many years and it does not harm to the family or members and though one does not believe in the present circumstances, but we take it granted from their words and narration and give credence to what ever the elders say. They had the utensils and materials of pure vessels and the weight would be more and not as seen these days. Most of the utensils are of brass and copper and there is no usage of aluminum in our ancestral home.
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    As the world is progressing rapidly,technology has changed the people's way of living totally.Obviously,our grandparents lived a healthy and happy life with their grand children. Although medical science was not advanced ,they lived a longer life than the present generation. My mother used to tell us how her hand mother used to go the nearest pond to wash the clothes,draw water from the well for drinking,grind spices on the grinding stone and used to do multiple physical chores at home which even today's women can't even imagine doing. Still my grandmother did not visit any hospitals not had any health checkup done till her passing away. All her six children were born at home and there was no nanny's to take care of her children.

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    When I was in my high school I had the opportunity to live with my grandmother in my village for one or two days almost every week or fortnight for 4-5 years till I left the place for pursuing my higher education. My father was doing a job in the town and living in a rented house and was not getting time to go to village to give some provisions to grandmother from time to time. I was asked to do that job in addition to my school education. The village was about 4 km from the town and it took for me about 1 hour to reach there on foot as no road was there. My grandfather had already died long back and grandmother was living alone in the village. She did not like to come to the town due to the obvious reasons of her own lifestyle in the village. There was some paternal land in the village through which some crops were raised but that was hardly suffice for 1-2 persons but was sufficient for the grandmother. We had to give her some jaggery, tea, some spices, salt etc so that she could manage her food in the village alone in the house. At that time she did not require money for her because even if we give him something there was no shop in the village and being old she could not walk long distances to the isolated shops in the area. So she was waiting for items that we were giving her periodically. I learnt a great deal of environment and life at that time.
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