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    More and more social media users unknowingly become stupid people

    Those of us who use social media often forget that we are not only consumers of this medium but also products. Being busy with yourself, coming from the office chatting with friends on social media, giving and receiving updates on WhatsApp group, talking on messenger in Berlin, London, Munich everywhere but you do not know your neighbor. Many people are giving a sad status on Facebook, seeing that many people are sharing comments but there is no solution to the sadness. If he shared his grief with his family in time, a solution could be found. But there is no time for that. Isn't this a sign of stupidity? Aren't we suffering terribly?
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    Unfortunately we are using the social media to full extent, not for the information galore, but for sending and receiving messages of mutual interest and what is more surprising is the fact that those who are in the group are also sharing the spam messages or fake messages to which we are not interested and probably the social media is used widely by the trouble makers who wants to instigate the peaceful people by sharing unwanted things. And while sharing the death messages I fail to understand that those who have been consigned to flames are also referred as RIP. and that gives how ignorant are the people in sharing the messages and they simply follow others message, copy the same and share without even bothering to verify the real message and how to reply. Even the admin of social media never bothers.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Posting some information about oneself on social networking sites has become an addiction among plenty of individuals. I feel sorrow is something personal and the grief should not be shared very often of social media except when it is absolutely necessary. I would say it is not good to disclose everything it is happening to you so openly so that your life becomes an open book where everyone can read and comment.

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    A large section of human race is suffering from the disease called stupidity not only today but for quite a long time and in that foolishness it is helping some bright enterprising people to mint money. Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik-tok, Instagram, Hike, WhatsApp etc are examples of some of these entreprise. There are many more across the world which we in India have less exposure.
    People are forwarding messages, pictures, videos, audios etc without checking their authenticity and in that process becoming a part of that fake chain. Thanks to the poor cybercrime cells today that we are able to function like that but in future that could lead to some serious problem also. So please beware of forwarding anything without confirming its authenticity.
    Coming to the point when people are wasting all their time like that then where is the time for family and friends?

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    Very true. People are living in the virtual world but not in the real world. We never maintain contact with the nearby people and we will never meet them. We don't know what is happening around our area. We don't even have any time to talk to our family members.
    We will have thousands of friends on FB and we will like their posts and they will like our posts. More than this there is nothing in that friendship. If a part of the time what we are spending on FB, if we spend in the real world definitely we will have a better life than what we are leading these days.
    Personally, I spend very little time on social media but I spend more time talking to my friends and relatives and I get relaxed when we talk to them. As a member of ISC I feel happy when I spend some time on this site. I will learn something and I do some useful work.

    always confident

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