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    BJP says that Telangana was given separate statehood without detailing

    The latest salvo from BJP towards Congress has created a ruckus in the Telangana Politics as the PM Modi made a statement in the Parliament that Congress falted in agreeing for separate state without going into details nor envisaged proper planning and thus both states faced hiccups and fiasco even today. While the BJP targeted the Congress for the lapse the TRS is finding fault with BJP which actually supported the same. Nevertheless why the old issues are being raked up when the people of TS and AP reconciled and living on their own terms ?
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    Really the issue is not to be brought up now. Why parties are bringing the issue back. Congress and well BJP are responsible for the division of the state. TRS won the hearts of the people because of separate statehood formation. A lot of injustice was done to Andhra Pradesh. The then BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu tried his best for special status and congress agreed for the same. But after BJP came to power. they conveniently avoid giving special status.
    I agree with the point that state division was not carried out properly. Telangana got many advantages and Andhra suffered a lot. Congress is the main culprit. BJP is also a part of it.
    TRS need not worry about the improper division which benefitted Telangana. But these days BJP is getting some strength in the state and TRS is losing the ground. So it has started blaming BJP without any point and BJP has to counter it. There is no worth in the arguments.

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    Now that BJP gaining momentum in Telangana, they want to put cheir records straight.
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    When decisions are taken in hurry without doing the proper homework then such situation arises. If we go back in the history of creation of so many new states in our country then we will invariably find that there is some person who was politically benefited by the division with the help of his followers of course. It is interesting to note that no party is against the division as everyone is telling that if they were at the helm of affairs, division could have been made in a proper and well thought manner. In politics, alleging others is a very common practice and effective tool and politicians use it from time to time to take mileage out of it. There are some people in politics who do not get importance in the state and then they try for the division and in one of the divided parts they become the most important person and generally such people become the first Chief Minister of that new state. What can be the better reward than that after the division?
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