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    Why does the common man remain poor?

    People who are literally low in thinking and judgment are considered poor or ordinary in financial and daily life. Our social system has taught us since birth: - If you want to be a big man in life, then first earn a big degree then earn money, earn money wherever you are, do a part-time or full-time job, do chain marketing business, Open a shop in the neighborhood and meet the needs of life first, not the needs of life. As soon as money falls into our hands, colorful dreams come true in our minds. I will buy an expensive mobile phone, I will buy an expensive car, I will install AC in my house, I will have some fun with my friends and in a few days I will be poor, then I will come back to that poor man's house.
    If someone from the house next to ours buys something, we are very upset to see it. We don't want to do anything in life, but we want to get a lot in life. We just complain on the road, on the bus, on the train, everywhere. Against everyone - it costs more, that's not right, - again we spend more. On the other hand, where Rich Minded people teach their children how to use Financial Intelligence to earn money without hard work.
    They are taught how to offer jobs to others for their own work when they grow up. So the common man remains at the same level. Your thinking, please.
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    In a populated country it is very difficult to get a job or carry out business. The reason is very simple that there are so many intelligent and smart people who are there in competition and a common person, in most of the cases, will not be able to do what he wanted or desired. Success in career, earning money, and achieve higher positions is everybody's dream. But only a handful of people can achieve that and prosper. Those who do not win in this cut throat competition remain as common forever. They are the ones whom you can see everywhere in bus stop, in railway station, in the lanes, in the market, and in and around the slums who would always be talking great things about the country and how it can prosper and how we all can develop and how a common person can become a successful entrepreneur but all said and done they remain as common person only at the end of the day.
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    Unfortunately in India the population is more, the studies and education is less, while one of the family member studies, other would help and not all will study. Coming to village life, the young boys and girls who are supposed to go to schools are retained to do work farming and at the tender age they are pushed to farm lands to learn the intricacies of farming and thus for the village people and urban gals, there is no way out to develop on their own and what ever possible to get job is through the studies, and if that is having some setback or not having good marks then the candidate sulks behind and even accepts non conventional jobs to earn the livelihood. This is the reality of common man family and each family has the story and compulsion to live within the four walls, cannot expand or explore new things.
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    It all depends on the mindset of the individual. Even a rich man who wastes his money for unwanted expenses and never thinks of earning will go bankrupt. I know some families who lost their assets as they never matched their income with their expenses and they started selling their assets.
    At the same time, I have seen some people who started with Zero and earned a lot of money and they made children very rich. A man who was a good ayurvedic doctor was not having any money. He was going on foot to different nearby villages and selling medicines for his livelihood. Fortunately, he became very popular and his son also started doing the ayurvedic treatment. He constructed a hospital and started treating people there only and stopped going to villages. But people were coming to him. That hospital has become very famous and he gave the very good property to his sons and they are continuing the business.

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    Common men don't usually give up their old habits and even they lack in motivation. They don't come at par with the people struggling hard to excel their skills so that they, too, become competitive and fit themselves with efficient people who are in the demand for their jobs because of their skills. They can find fault with some system, with some people but would not improve their ways to raise their employability. Whatever the field, there is the fierce competition and the people having the exceptional talents can only be successful. The common people are definitely good talker but they would not like to update themselves with any profession which will provide them money. They are the best day dreamers.

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    Becoming rich or staying poor is in your own hands in my view. A person who has burning desire to make money works hard burning the midnight oil even during sleeping hours and does not stop till sufficient money is earned. Hard work very often makes a person get what he needs.Therefore, a common man can also become rich and lead a luxurious life. Aam admi also become dhani admi.

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