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    Everyone talks of global warming but this year winter was so severe!

    Global warming is a term with which all of us are very well connected and most of us are aware about it in a serious way. It is said that because of global warming the average earth atmosphere temperatures are rising with time and that will be creating a big problem in the future if we don't maintain our environment today by increasing the greenery around and decreasing the carbon emissions in industries and other places.
    Worldwide the various governments are taking actions in this direction. Still the threat of global warming is hanging on our heads like damocles sword.
    This year the winter was quite severe and many places in the Northern India got severe snowfall after a gap of 10-15 years.
    How can we explain this severe winter in our country with the global warming concept? Please share your thoughts.
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    Very unusual climate has been experienced these days. As chilly weather would start late in the evening and would continue till the early morning and after the Sun takes the momentum the chillness goes and the hot weather sets in. This kind of two vagaries of nature on single day gives rise to running nose, cold and fever and that is termed as Covid symptom and asked to be in quarantine for 14 days. But what I feel that the summer would be hot and even extended upto July this year. By now the hotness in Hyderabad should have set in and already 10 days in February has passed. Likewise the rainy season would also be copious this time and that would extend upto November. It seems there is rejig of four seasons and each one superseding other and giving trying times to the children and elders who are not used to such climate.
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    The climate is very unusual. Daytime temperature is high and night temperature is very low. This is also the effect of global warming only I feel. In my childhood days, the daytime temperature was also low during winter. But the average daytime temperature of winter is increased now. Because of this huge difference in temperatures, many health problems are getting noticed. This is the result of environmental pollution.
    Another point we have noticed the length of the winter season is less. We felt the severity of the winter only for just 15 to 20 days only. From the last week in Hyderabad, the night temperatures are also on the rise and we are not feeling cold that much.
    Not having a proper season is also a reason for the environmental pollution problem only. We have to work on greenhouse gases and reduce them to the minimum possible extent so that environmental problems and global warming will also come down.

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    Global warming has been a concern for all the countries of the world as it has a serious backlash on the environment which will affect the rivers, oceans and mountains leading to climate change. Therefore, every nation should encourage their citizens to help them to improve the situation. Planting saplings at their homes is a very good example . In our area, almost every house has a small garden or a little space where in plants are grown which is not only a feast for the eyes but the oxygen let out by them also helps the passers by, by providing Oxygen.Further,people should utilize car pooling and ride bicycles as much as possible.

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