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    Balancing is becoming a tough task these days

    These days I am observing many boys who got married recently. They have to be good with their wives and at the same time, they can't say no to their mother also. In that pursuit. they are becoming restless and sometimes they are feeling very difficult also to satisfy both.

    The problem here is that the same issue is being addressed by these two ladies in a different way. Even though the boy knows which is the better way he can't decide on that as one of the two will be very unhappy with that. If both of them sit together and decide which is the best option and tell the same to the boy there is no problem. But that will never happen. Both of them will try to say their approach is the best approach. Their egos will come into the picture.

    In many cases, boys have to swing towards their wives only as they have to share their lives with them for a long time. This is a big problem faced these days by young people. I like to know the views of other members.
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    In earlier times also balancing was difficult but due to the incoming woman's financial condition depending on the family she was usually compromising on many fronts and was avoiding conflicts. Today situation is different as many women are financially independent and expect better treatment in the house. So the boy is under pressure from both the sides and result is the disintegration of joint family into nuclear families. This is a common thing happening in the society today and there is no solution to bring back them to a joint family. Parents are suffering in the old age as there is no one to take care of them and they are forced to search an old home for themselves or pass time in miserable conditions.
    How can a boy balance in a conflicting and fighting environment. The basic problem is that the mother in law cannot treat the girl as her daughter and the girl on the other hand cannot accept the mother in law as her real mother. So there is no solution for the problem. Boy would suffer or go for living separately with the girl making the girl happy.

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    True. Boys will go separately to make their wives happy but they are not very happy in their core of the heart as they will miss their parents when they require his help. That will make him unhappy but can't express. That is how boys are becoming sandwiched between these two ladies.
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