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    What are the reasons for local Kirana shops pulling down the shutters?

    After the advent of shopping complexes and shopping malls in every cities and even small villages, people buy very little from the local shops. In the process, the family business of Kirana stores which were run by the forefathers had undergone serious financial loss and many shops were shut because they were,unable to compete with the giants who had invested a colossal sum of rupees in their ventures. It is very sad that people do not buy even a small item from them. I think the shops which function even now should have a good make over with some one knowledgeable in business helping them to come back with a bang. Is it possible to do this and if so who can do this?
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    That is true. Online ordering and door delivery facilities that are being provided by the shopping giants also killed these small Kirana shops. But during COVID 19, many people stopped going to gib shops and they started purchasing from the nearest Kirana shop. These small business people also understood the market and they also started giving at a reduced price and some shops started door delivery also. That has enhanced their business during the last two years.
    In Villages, Kiranas shops also started delivering material at home. They started taking orders on phone and sending the material to their houses. They engaged some boys for this. Still, the trend is going on. I have observed this in both the Telugu states namely Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
    In my opinion, we should encourage these small Kirana shops so that small business people will flourish and they can employ some people for distribution etc.

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    It is not only the local Kirana shops but many other shops also which are closing down due to various reasons and change in the business environment. Many people nowadays are ordering items online. Some are going to the bigger stores as they are getting good discounts in such big stores on many items.
    Another important thing in this matter is that due to the unemployment many people have started some small business or shop here and there even if they get a small cubicle in a lane. So there is a flood of small small shops everywhere. In such a situation their business will be affected to a great extent.
    The total number of shops in a particular area are increasing at a faster pace then the demand of items as per the population of that area. In such a situation the business will definitely go down and some of the shops will have to be closed permanently.

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    Either too our neighborhood local kirana stores were the only place where we used to shop for monthly provisions, grocery and even vegetables and had the options to settle the bill next month when the salaries are paid. And this has been taken as the blessings by kirana stores as invariably on any item they used to earn 40 percent profit and thus after the big online shopping companies entered this sector, these local shops cannot survive the competition. For example the refined oil we get on online rate as 132 and these shops were selling at 140 and there is no free offers or bulk offers or cash backs as we get through bulk purchases. Thus Kirana shops were gone packing and there is no other go for them but to close their business. One thing is sure there should not be greedy business and to which the support would be nil.
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    Local kirana shops carry their business in a very small way. So they give only a minimum discount 50 paise or 1 rupee on the purchase at their shop. But nowadays even in small towns supermarkets and malls are established. They give some high discounts on every purchase. In these markets more brands of the same good are available with low to high budget. So the customer can choose according his budget. Not only this, these markets will supply goods through online mode with no delivery fee. When goods are coming to the house itself, everyone get attracted to these markets. How many are there in the society in order to save kirna selling people will buy at their shops when they are getting goods at cheaper price? So I think in course of time small kirana shops suffer a lot to continue their business.

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