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    Why are Indians learning foreign languages in spite of having fluency in English ?

    Indians have been giving importance to English languages ever since the British Empire had occupied India for several years. This is because there are certainly many advantages of becoming well versed in English. As the people across the world communicate in English in the present time,English is being learnt from the schools of English medium. In addition, Indians are also showing interest in learning other foreign languages as well. The preference is given to German, French, Spanish ,Portuguese and Japanese. What are the advantages of knowing a foreign language? Do you know any other language spoken worldwide other than English?
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    The necessity of the Mother of Invention. When there is a necessity or when your chances will enhance by acquiring a new skill, definitely you will try to learn that skill. Even though English is thought to be the global language, there are some countries where you can't manage with English. In China, many people don't know English and if we go there we should have a person who knows English and the Chinese language also. Similarly, Japan is also a country where you can't manage completely with English. So we have to learn the Japanese language. People who want to settle in such countries should learn that language. Some students learn a foreign language as their second language as scoring in these language papers is easy than in Indian Languages. That may be one of the reasons for students to select a foreign language as one of the languages in Intermediate. One of my uncles did PhD in Russia. There the thesis should be submitted in Russian Language only. So he learned the Russian language and then did his PhD there and submitted his thesis in the Russian Language. He was a Professor at Andhra University.
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    There was a time when Britishers were ruling on a bigger part of the globe and many countries were under their control. During that time the locals of that particular place picked up English language in a natural way because that was the only thing to get a job or importance in the British Empire. Slowly the various countries where Britishers ruled got independence and Britishers went back to their own country that is UK. But in that process they left English behind with all the native people in the region and that is the reason and the history as how English became a global language. Today it is not a sign of slavery of British Empire but a respectable global language which is essential for one's progress and career in life especially in the international arena.
    There is no other language which can be compared with the English as far as the international recognition and global spread is considered. Some time people learn some other languages also because of some specific reasons like aspiring for a translator job or a job in the particular embassy or consulate. These languages could be like French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian etc

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    This is quite an interesting thread been shared by the author. No one can deny the importance of English and I agree with the author that when we are seeing that English is such a language which is really becoming a necessity, even then we do not strengthen our command in English and learn other languages. Don't know how wise that decision will be. But looking at the other side, we also find that some countries still give priority to their local language and according to them, whether you know English or not, but you should have knowledge of the local language of that country, then if a person If I want to get a job or want to settle permanently in that country, then definitely they have to learn the language of that country. At least basic information should be there, the rest of the knowledge comes with time.

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    In some countries they converse only in their local language. Russia China, Japan, European countries like Spain, France etc. will talk only in their local language. So those who plan to go abroad to foreign countries to do jobs they learn the local language to which place they are going in future. Nowadays translators have got lot of job opportunities where they have to translate matter from one language to other. So learning more languages had a greater advantage for such people. This type of jobs can be carried out from the place where they are staying without shifting to other countries. Especially nowadays youngsters are attracted to such jobs. For studying in some specific foreign countries also need the knowledge of their local language. Thus there is an increase in trend of learning more languages other than English in present generation youngsters.

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    Not only Indians, but people from other countries also learn a couple of languages according to their situation and ofcourse personal interest. We learn things mainly because of two reasons - either we need to learn for a purpose or we feel interested to learn it. You will find many continuing their studies to earn degrees in spite of doing a good job. It's because they are passionate about learning new things and earning degrees. When you learn a language, you can communicate with the native people speaking the language and that's always advantageous to become familiar with people speaking different languages. There is no denying that English is spoken widely throughout the world, people from various regions also have their own languages, cultures and traditions. Knowing another language is a way to become aware of the cultures and traditions of the people speaking those languages.

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