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    How do you feel when you visit a place where you had lived earlier?

    For doing my post graduation I had gone to Nainital PG college which was the nearest to my home town at that time for pursuing post graduation. I stayed there for 2 years and then left the place for pursuing my jobs. After about 15 years I got an opportunity to go there for a few days and I was really thrilled to see all those places where I lived and walked and had my time during those past 2 years.
    During my service I was posted in Assam State for about 9 years and after 10 years of leaving that place, I got an opportunity to visit the place where I served earlier. There were many changes there by that time but I really enjoyed that short stay remembering and recognising so many things related to my past there.
    Please share your experiences that how do you feel when you visit a place where you had lived earlier for sometimes. Is not it a pleasant feeling?
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    Definitely we will be very excited to visit a place where we have lived long back. We closely observe the changes what have taken place after you left that place long back. We wish to meet the people whom you know well at that time. When old alumni meeting of a school or college takes place, we find the students who attend the meeting are very excited to changes that occurred in that place after they left long back and also very excited to know about their friends. This is the most natural common trait of human being. I also feel the same when I visited the places where I stayed long back.

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    Taste of your old place means the awakening of old memories. This idea of ??one's own place is also a big attraction.
    When a person walks along the path of memory, he remembers many good and bad things, which sometimes make him laugh and sometimes make him cry. People change over time; But not of memory. You see, the days may be forgotten, but the memories are still fresh. So when we get a little time, we run to the door to get a taste of the meeting. There may be some bad memories but it sinks into happy memories. So, in my opinion, the old familiar place attracts everyone

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    The memories attached to the place return and we try to find out what are the things that have changed. During my early childhood, I used to live in a place in Kolkata and later we shifted to another place. I have connections with a couple of my friends in the old place and I visited that place a couple of times. When I visited there, I took a lane so that I can observe the changes that took place inside the locality. Once I was stunned and stood in front of a house for a couple of minutes trying to figure out some known faces. I was stunned because there was almost no change to that house while the rest of the buildings got a good makeover. I was especially stood in front of that house because we used to visit there. Later, I got to know that the family shifted to another place and hence didn't enquire. It's always full of memories and nostalgia.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to my own house which was sold five years back for some reasons, and I had been to that colony few days back, our house was remodelled, recoloured and made to new with some additions and good elevation. That made me to think that those who have the money would buy the property at down the rate citing some flaws or other and then make good of the same property to fetch good income. The present owner is staying upstairs and made three portions in the ground and getting rent of 6 thousand each. I think his EMI payment is taken care of the rent and he would own the house for free in few years. That is the reason being so rich people always look for such properties which are in distress sale and make a money out of it in future and the seller would be fuming all through.
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    Although I was born in Chennai, and I am a South Indian, I was brought up in Kolkotta and stayed there for 28 years. I am settled in Bangalore now but I never miss an opportunity to visit Kolkota. My father used to work for a paper mill where he was provided family quarters. All the residents used to celebrate many festivals together and weddings were also conducted. But now the mill is closed and though I want to have a look, due to lack of time I do not go there. I used to study in a reputed school in south of Calcutta and had worked for 5 years in a company in Esplanade.I used to shop a lot ,eat junk food. Now also I make sure that I visit these places at lease once in two years. You can shop for all types of things you want to at Gariahat,Newmarket and many other places ditching the malls which are mundane in many cities.

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    I worked in Hindupur of Anantapur Dt of Andhra Pradesh for about 2 years. I was just married and I and my wife stayed there. We enjoyed our a lot our stay there and we used to go to Bangalore very frequently at least two times a month. That made both of us very fond of Bangalore. Fortunately, my brother joined a company in Bangalore and hence we have the chance of visiting that place many times. I always feel happy about visiting that place.
    I stayed many years with my grandparents in a village near Kakinada and that village is very beautiful. After they left that place I have no chance to visit that place. Fortunately, two months back I got a chance to visit that place. I was thrilled and visited various places where I played during my childhood days. Even though there are many changes in that village, I felt happy to see that place again now. I took my wife also with me and I have shown her all the places and the primary school in which I studied in that villag

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