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    Why do some women are happy to be home makers despite having good qualifications?

    Many men and women try hard to become graduates and post graduates in order to earn money. However, some married women decide to stay home and take care of their children, husband and in-laws even after possessing masters degree. I feel they should be appreciated for their decision but I wonder why they had studied hard for so many years to get the degree and wasted their time and money in achieving this. Are there any solid reason for their choice? Do you know anyone of this nature?
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    The role of women in shaping the country and society is recognized all over the world It has been seen time and time again in different parts of the world that societies have developed where women come forward in various professions and are active in all fields. No matter what profession a woman goes to, her sweetness brings a touch of flexibility. Girls have to establish themselves at home and abroad In both cases, there is a complete digestive tract. Yet women are successful. Natural women are involved in the needs of society or the family. I think, in this case, a class of educated women chose the house for the sake of their children. It is a sign of infinite love for her family.
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    I do agree that the life of the girl changes after marriage and she becomes woman for the husband, children and the elders at home. For her keeping the house in order is the first and great responsibility. I do agree that even after the great qualification and eagerness to do big jobs, the women settle for house makers and do keep the work neat and clean. Some have the very great habit of trying new dishes for the family and she gets good appreciation and support also from the inlaws. If the husband is businessman, then he should enrol her as the employee in absent and pay salary for being doing the work from home for the house members. If such thought process emanates from each, surely the households would not feel that they are insecure financial wise and need not depend on husband for every small expenditure.
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    Acquiring knowledge is not only for a job and earning. By studying we will become knowledgeable. That will help you in many ways. But unfortunately, these days people are of the opinion that studying and earning degrees is to earn only. I know many people who are earning without any education also. So whether you go for a job or not, your knowledge will be useful somewhere or other in our lives. We should not think that we have wasted our time in acquiring qualifications. There are many rich people who need not do anything to live. The money they have will be more than enough for their living. Even then they will send their children to study and acquire degrees. They may not go for jobs also.
    To go for a job or not is the decision of the individual. But all should acquire minimum qualifications which will help them in many ways in their lives.

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    Getting education is not only for the purpose of doing a job especially in the case of a woman. There are many women who are not interested in doing a job and are happy just in managing the household. At the same time there are many women who like to do a job and earn money and have their own presence felt as an earning member of the family.
    There is one more aspect which is to be understood in this context. Even if a woman is doing some job and earning money still she has to do some household job and from that angle her workload will be more than other family member. Even if a woman is earning money everyone cannot afford to hire a full time servant.
    Another important factor in this matter is that some women are not able to take up the hard and tough outdoor jobs and if they do not get a white collar job they would not go for it.

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    To take care of house has been priority area for all women. Right from beginning it is understood that women is made for household work. Taking care of house is their primary duty. If she goes for outside job then she has to play double role. Those lady who are doing job has to do house hold work also after coming from office. In such a situation she likes to stay at home. All women not having same condition. Some has to go for job because of financial problem. Whether she wants to stay at home or go outside It completely depends on financial position. Nowadays, no one women wants to stay at home either they are qualified or not. They want to go for job at any cost. In our locality, many women going for job by keeping full time servant If children are small. Many ladies managing their house by fixing CCTV camera in full house so that they could see their house activity from working place. As said by author qualified women are seen happy doing household job. It is fully wrong in today's context.

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    It is their choice, isn't it? Studying and earning a degree is not at all a waste of time or money and there is also no compulsion that one has to take up a job after completion of education. Whether to take up a job or not also depends on the financial situation and I am sure the author knows that managing household jobs and taking good care of the other members of the family is not an easy task. In any household where both the husband and wife goes out to work, they spend a good amount of money to hire a maidservant to do the household tasks and take care of the baby. If an educated woman willingly takes this job then I don't find anything wrong in it. A woman having good academic qualifications can always become a good teacher to the child.

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