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    Let the children grow up with the familiarity of nature.

    When I was a child, I used to play games in the field amidst the dust, on sand dunes, building temples, houses, etc. with wet sand, even when we used to go to the village, we used to play with bhusa. In those days there was no allergy, no tanning, no infection, no danger to the parents. But today I see that if parents send their children outside the house to clean ground or even in the park, then first they protect them with sunscreen, then body lotions, etc. If the child stays in the sun for a long time, then he starts worrying about the complexion. It is not that we should not worry about children, but this concern should not increase so much that we remove children from nature itself. The coming time is becoming artificial to a great extent anyway, so at least do not take away childhood from nature. In some cases, children should keep getting along with nature like sand, mud games, sun sweat, etc. There is no harm to be close to nature.
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    Every parent takes care of their child, taking care of all their opportunities. But all this should be done up to a certain limit. If a parent does everything by hand to their child, avoids mistakes, or takes too much time to comfort them, then you are on the list of over-protective parents. This tendency can be detrimental to a child's physical, emotional and emotional development. When children are over-controlled, they are unable to make decisions on their own. It is possible for children to grow physically and mentally while enjoying the pleasures of living with nature. Because nature enlarges the human mind, creates the instinct to live a simple life. In the closed room, they feel suffocated. So leave them in the middle of nature and you will see that they are developing as real people
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    Present generation children are loosing in learning from nature. The reason is parents are over protective and giving everything whatever they want by themselves. This makes the children lazy and unable to learn anything from nature. In our times we used to sleep outside in open place during the summer. We used to observe moon, sky, stars etc. and used to ask questions about them to the elders. We used to help in gardening activities while parents growing plants. Today even some children can't say the name of the vegetable if you show them. This is purely because they lack complete contact with the nature. By 5th class itself we used to go to shops to bring needed things like goods milk and vegetables. This enabled us to know about exchange of money and about measurements. Such a natural learning is lacking in today's children and that is where we have to encourage old household activities.

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    The author has raised a very good thread in which she took me to my childhood days where in we were connected to the nature and the play was always with one element of the nature. Near our house there was a river bed, and the we used to build castles of our choice. Some of them are even decorated with shell and snails and that would look good. Unfortunately we did not have the cameras those days and the action filled construction of castles were never recorded and thus we leave for the home late evening and next day the house is gone either destroyed by wind, rain or other vagaries of nature. But playing with sand, sitting on the sand, writing messages on the sand was the part of big game those days and I feel pity for the children of these days who are not having any idea of these games at the beach sand.
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    If you take too much care of the children and bring them up like the fish or tortoise in the aquarium, their immunity levels will come down and they will get prone to allergies and health problems. But if we allow them to nature and allow them to walk sometime outside or play outside in nature, their resistance power will increase and they will have better health. During COVID 19 pandemic many countries got affected. If you look at the population of the country and the deceased people, the deceased is very less percentage when compared to other western countries. Medical practitioners and health specialists say this is mainly due to the hardworking nature and the way of living of Indians. So we should see that our children will get good exposure to nature, they will be more healthy and become more immune and their resistance levels will increase.
    But if we make them stay in-house only always they will become very delicate and may not be able to face hard conditions which is not good for the individuals.

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    It is really a nice thread reminding us of our past days of our childhood. We were rather happy with our company playing outside the home whatever we liked with muds, sand dunes, hide and seek etc. we remained so much engrossed that we would even play in the scotch of the sun rays in summer., There was no restrictions either from our parental sides. However, these were the days of the past but unlike our past days, the modern parents are over conscious in protecting their children taking care that they should not go outside in the midst of scorching sun lest their skin would be dull. They are also conscious that their kids should not play with such children with whom they don't have their approval. So much protection and discipline has made their lives boring which was evidently not the case with ours.

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    Have you heard of helicopter parenting? The parents of such children are a;ways anxious above their children. They do not allow them to move around freely and even do not let them play in the open field and get some fresh air. By doing so, they harm the children and they often fall sick due to their body not exposed to enough sun light. They have vitamin deficiency at a very young age. Unfortunately, the children who are residing in the cities do not get the opportunities to fiddle with the mud in the garden or play near the water bodies because their over protective parents do not let them do so.

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    The origin of human lives was germinated in the lap of nature only. We are nothing but a miniscule part of the nature only. If we remain in or near nature and do our activities in natural environment then nature will also take care of our health and wellbeing. If we shy away from nature and remain in artificial boundaries using all sort of chemicals and artificial products then nature will also not bother for us and would not help us in times of physical or mental distress.
    It is imperative that not only we should mix with nature in our daily routine but inculcate this great habit in our children also. If we fail to do so then the next generation will be totally disabled in many respect and will not know the natural way of living and would not be able to survive on this planet. We have to take a lot of care of our environment and then live in it in the most natural way to harness the best out of it.

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