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    Planning the day every morning makes the day more productive.

    Planning has become the ultimate perfect right of us humans and no one is untouched by this right. Even a small child keeps on making imaginative plans in his world which are really beautiful but can be unrealistic for the normal world. Well, the format of the plan can be whatever but are we as active in planning every day as we are for the future.

    Let's assume that today's day has started and if we do not know what we have to do today, then will we be able to make our day successful? I do not think so.

    So, keep doing as much planning as you want, but every day after waking up in the morning, make a rough plan for yourself that today we have to do at least this work. Unless we plan the tasks to be done in the day properly, then its result may not be as productive as it could be. It is not that you should give your one hour for planning every day. This should be a small discussion with ourselves that takes only a few minutes. Spend a day like this, whether you are a student, employee, officer, or householder, divide the time and make the day as productive as possible.
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    That is true. Planning is very vital. Based on your responsibility or seniority the job the planning changes. A normal worker has to plan his day's work. A manager has to work at least a week ahead of this official work. An entrepreneur has to plan his months, not for a week or a day.
    Similarly, a child has to plan his/her work only. Mother has to plan based on the needs of the house not alone for her. Similarly, a father has to plan for the family not alone for him. Like this planning is a continuous process for all.
    Generally, working people will make their timetable based on the tasks on hand. When a task is initiated, they think and plan till the end of the task and progress as per the plan.
    Some people may not plan and try to go with the wind. Such people may not be successful in their lives. Every individual should have a plan for his work, his career and his family. Even then sometimes we may face unexpected problems and we have to overcome and go forward.

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    Actually we have the idea of tomorrow's tasks and by the time we go to bed today, we envisage time and planning for tomorrow and has to be done in time management, otherwise it does not happen. If the task is big and needs participation from others, then we have initiate the work one day in advance, otherwise, the work would not be smooth. For example if the death anniversary of the parents are to be observed say on 12th, we have to make arrangements for the priests, two brahmins, groceries, vegetables and washing utensils separately for the purpose, cutting and dicing the vegetables late nigh for the tomorrow morning cooking, and keeping all the items in handy and that would pave way for smooth function, otherwise confusion galore, and the house hold would be bothered for even small things on the day.
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    Planning for the day helps us to complete important work we had made up our mind to do earlier without much chaos. I have a small planner wherein I write down the work I need to complete and number them. I follow this and by the end of the day make sure all the work is done and there is no back log. If we do not plan anything and keep the things we should do only in mind, there is going to be confusion and some might even be forgotten. When you look at the sheet of paper on which you had your plan before going to bed, you not only feel happy but also satisfied that there is no pending work left for the next day.

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    Planning helps but executing the plan is always important. If you are doing the same tasks regularly then you may not make a plan each day but if there are various tasks in your hands then you must plan and make a list of the tasks according to the priority. There are a few people who always keep on planning but cannot execute the plans and that is because they do not have the roadmap to execute the plans. How you are utilising the time is very important and that's why making a plan is necessary. In a day, we have 24 hours and within the specific time, one has to perform a lot of tasks. Allocating time for each task is the routine we make for our regular activities and that is also a plan. Unless we are dividing the time we will not be able to manage our work efficiently.

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    Planning is the most important part of the activity and it is understood that it has to be done in the beginning itself quiet ahead in time so that it doesn't interfere with the schedule of activity in any way. Many people feel that our daily routine and daily activities do not require any planning or homework. I think it is wrong to assume like that. Planning and proper homework are the the candle light for the dark parts of our lives which are intermittently present during our routine schedules. If we are able to address them then our routine lives will be much more comfortable and convenient.
    Intelligent and wise people generally plan their day in the morning itself and then simply follow it which helps them to conclude the things by the end of the day in the most satisfying manner.

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    Planning is the most important part and a well thought plan including all the essential points to be taken up must be logged down in advance so that there is no missing of the vital assignments. If that part is taken care of while doing any job, we will ultimately achieve the task successfully. Planning should be made a day earlier of its implementation if it is made for the next day. Suppose that there is the birth anniversary of your dearest daughter and you have made up your mind to invite at least fifty families to be present to grace the occasions. Every essential aspect such as food arrangements, sitting arrangements and other essential parameters connected to this occasion should be arranged accordingly. If everything has gone according to your planning but the invitation card to be distributed has not been effected timely because of some negligence. There will be total failure of your thought plan. Just see how a minor thing has resulted in total failure of your planning. Delegation of any part of the job to any member would not materialise unless a timely chase up is not made time to time to make your planning successful.

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