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    The first thing you bought with your first income.

    The first in life matters a lot, whether it is the first word spoken by a child, first love, first friend, first job, or whatever else. Let's move forward the discussion about the first job because every person moves towards a career in his life and a job is the most important parameter in this.

    As much as the first job matters, the first salary also matters and that's why we try to spend or save it in some special way to make your first salary memorable. God's share in this salary is kept by most of us, we offer it in the form of prasad or another way, and after that the next gratitude we do to the parents.

    My first job was in a school where I joined as a computer instructor, and from my first salary, I bought a keypad mobile for my father and a silver coin of Ganesh Lakshmi for my mother. It will always be a memorable one for me and also for my parents. Will you also share your experience of the first salary of your first job? I would be glad to know.
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    The author has rekindled my past memory way back in the year 1981 when I was in Delhi working with the Jeans company as the Import and Export executive at the age of 19, and the salary was good at that time, and there was craze for portable color television. I brought the Texla tv 12 inch portable tv with self antenna and the quality was very good. In those days there was only Doordarshan channels and we could watch everything through antenna. When I brought the tv to Hyderabad with my first saving from the salary, everyone was baffled to see a tiny tv in color and during the Chitrahaar the whole colony would visit the house and enjoy the songs for half an hour. And that tv was there till 2010 with me and we have disposed the same for bigger tv. Sometimes we connect with our first purchase and would not like to dispose.
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    I started earning my fellowship when I joined in my PhD. Those days research scholars used to get Rs.400/- per month. My income for the first month is Rs, 400/-.
    In our house in our native place, we took power connection almost at that time only. We have only lights. My father has not bought any fans. My mother always used to say that a fan is required. So I decided to purchase a fan for our house. They have no transistor also in our house. My mother used to say this also to me always. So I purchased an orient ceiling fan and a murphy transistor and gifted them to my mother.
    I felt happy for spending that money to the benefit of my mother and my house. My parents remember this and they always appreciate me for that. Of course, that month expenditure I have to manage from the next month's salary only. As I was staying in Hostel I used to pay the hostel bill a little late

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    My parents were belonging to a lower middle class family and when I was studying in my high school we were having a tough time to manage our ends meet. Then I passed my high school and joined class 11 in science stream. As I was good in the studies there were opportunities available for me to teach the students of class 3, 4, 5 and like that especially in mathematics subject. So I started to take a few tuitions in the evening and my first month earning was Rs 30. So practically speaking that was the first job for me. At that time (1967) Rs 30 meant a lot and was almost equal to approximately about Rs 1500 of today.
    So I was excited and thrilled with that kind of money and gave it to my mother. She gave me Rs 2 out of that and I bought a beautiful pen for myself and enjoyed some snacks in the market with my friends. I still remember the thrill and excitement of that earning which I made just by teaching 2-3 hours in the evening.

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    After my graduation in science, I was looking after a job and such I moved from place to Bokaro steel city to land a job. Though I got the assignment here itself but took its time of its nearly 10 months. I was not in a mood to ask for any money from my guardian since I was aware of his responsibilities. It was enough for him to provide me assistance throughout the graduation. While living in my relative's house, I started three tuitions of the pupils studying in higher secondary schools in the Mathematics and in turn my earning was Rs 90/- enough to meet my personal expenses. Wife of my relative was kind enough to provide me the dinner. In that way, it was a partial relief for me. The payments received from the guardians of these pupils made me really happy. At least, I was in a position to raise my income through my efforts. However, with my joining in the job, my struggles were over and later I offered my tuitions to needy students living nearby house without any tuition charges.

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    This topic always comes up for discussion after a certain break with a new touch. For me, it was really difficult to think about what to give my father from my first salary as he was quite choosy even for usual things like pen and paperweights. After thinking a lot, I got a wristwatch for my father and a golden ring for my mother and they liked it a lot.

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    I have not much to share in this thread because presently I am 18 and have not earned anything big, but I want to share that my first earning was from ISC only and it was quite surprising for me because I have earned anything for the first time. It's a small amount of 800rs but for me, it matters a lot because this I have earned by myself. Although I have not yet used that amount, still I am very much thankful to ISC.

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    Through This thread I memoried my first income.
    Presently I earn a government Salary of Level 6 but no satisfaction as my first salary. I started my career with Rs 2000/monthly but my family members were too happy with my job. I bought some sweets and clothes for my first salary.

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