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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV over regular TV?

    At present Smart TV s are ruling the market. Most of them switched over to Smart TV leaving regular TV.s. Smart TVs need internet for their functioning. We need broad band net connections to see the interested programs. Our old regular TVs need cable connection to watch various channels. Actually the maintenance charges of Smart TV is much costlier than regular TV. To get every interested channel we have to download an App. in Smart TV and pay charges to view it. So what type of TV, Smart or regular TV you prefer and why is it so? What advantages and disadvantages are there in using these different TVs. ?
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    Apart from what the author has mentioned there are many other advantages and disadvantages of smart tv over the regular tv. While regular tv had the fixed channels to which there are no many takers. But the smart tv has many channels and in the home some wants sports channel, some wants news channel, and some wants regional or national entertainment channel. While the smart tv consumes more current or the power, the regular tv was having less power consumption. Smart tv being flat, and having the controlled viewing pleasure, it warns the viewer to close the tv as it was running since hours, whereas the regular tv does not have the situation. One thing is sure we have to go through the new technology not because they have advantage, but the society has it and we should also have it for reasons not known.
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    We can access many channels on a smart TV without the need to connect a TV antenna or subscribe to a cable/satellite service. Some of the smart TVs provide web browsing, gaming and access to compatible media content that is being stored on our computer. They can also receive programmes through cable/ satellite service. Many smart TVs will have a screen sharing facility also, We can see the content on a tablet or a smartphone that is compatible with this TV on the screen of this smart TV.
    When we use smart TVs and some apps that are provided by some providers, They can track what you are watching. That is whenever you log into a particular app, it will show history and suggestions. These suggestions will be given based on what you have seen.
    Smart TVs are getting more popular these days and many people are going for these TVs. But security and privacy issues will be there when you use these TVs.

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    There are certainly some advantages and disadvantages in the smart TV as well as regular TV but the main idea is when the technology changes then the new things start replacing old ones in a phased manner. Same thing happened when colour TV was replaced by the black and white TV. Today we don't see any black and white TV around.
    To make a profitable and flourishing business the commercial companies come up with newer and newer ideas and new gadgets are introduced in the market. This is the dynamic system in the business development process. With time everything will be getting replaced by the new one. Seeing the relative advantages and disadvantages and the relative cost we can stick to the old model also but there will be a problem in the long run that the parts and repair and maintenance of the same will not be available. These are the reasons that in spite of so many plus points with the older things people are switching to the newer models in all sort of products.

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