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    Household works without modern gadgets- how best you handle

    Modern kitchen is having all the gadgets required for hassle free cooking experience and that starts with Gas stove, mixie, grinder, chopping machines, oven and many more. But our ancestor homes does not have all these and they would start cooking through charcoal or the firewood and there is no control of large or small fame to which those households are very much trained to do cooking in traditional way. Even dicing, grinding were done through the Rokala banda, ammi or oral we call in Tamil are made with stone and doing paste activities was not only taste and good to health.
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    Gone are the olden days of hard working and now for every work in the kitchen there is a gadget available. In the olden times we used fire wood or charcoal or saw dust or kerosene stoves. But nowadays gas stoves, induction stoves and rice cookers for cooking purpose. Wet grinders, mixing grinders, blenders are available instead of rock made grinders. For cutting purpose, instead of iron blade fixed to wooden block, we are using tools like slicers , peelers, cutters etc. They make cutting vegetables so easily and saves time. In the past, if we want to peel and cut potatoes into pieces it take atleast 15 minutes time. But with modern gadgets it takes 5 minutes time. Without any hard work we can wash our entire clothes and dry them with the help of automatic washing machine. At present we are having Chapathi making machine that makes chapathis by simply supplying atta and water to the machine. The hard core cleaning of utensils also can be done with utensil washing machine. I think the modern age women with all responsibilities can do anything without modern gadgets.

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    It is very difficult these days for women if there are no gadgets in the house. I remember my mother used to work in the kitchen without any modern gadgets in the kitchen. She used to cook on a kerosene stove. For heating water, she used to use an oven with a husk. Preparing that stove with husk is the last work she was doing for the day. I used to sit with her when she was making that ready. No taps and she used to carry water in vessels from the hand pump to the kitchen. No grinders and no cookers those days.
    But these days all the people got accustomed to these modern gadgets and by any chance, if there is no power in the house, no cooking in the house and food will be ordered from outside.
    Because of the difficult working conditions in the house those days, ladies used to have good exercise and from there was no necessity to do separate workouts.
    Even in villages these days kitchens are well furnished and we have all these comforts there also.

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    Mixers,grinders, washing machines, coffee makers ,vegetable cutters are all the latest machines which women want to possess because by using them ,they reduce their work load. However, when they do everything with the help of the gadgets, they lack physical exercise which would make them put on extra weight which is dangerous for their health. Further, the appliances are easily available in installment which every one can afford to buy.Food cooked in a traditional manner with the help of grinding stones is always tasty and healthy too.

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    There was a time when we did not have these facilities. At that time we did all the work without having these gadgets in our house. I remember that during my childhood we had the traditional wood stove, charcoal stove, and kerosine stove being used for our cooking purposes. In the morning my mother cooked food in the wood stove. It was full of smoke and ash-dust. I was entrusted to prepare the coal stove which was of course easier to ignite and we have to put some old paper or a few pieces of wood and burn them and soon the coal started burning. The only problem with the coal stove was that we have to recharge coal every 15 minutes to half an hour interval so that the coal stove works continuously. At that time we had to wash the clothes by hand as there was no washing machine. We had electricity in our house only since when I was in my SSC. Before that we used kerosene lantern or lamp for our study.
    Because of that habit I can still do all those manual things and activities today but only limitation is my age as I will not be having that much of energy and strength to carry out those tasks manually at this juncture of my life.

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