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    In the reward of infinite love and affection, women get only humiliation from the men

    "Woman" is not just a word, she is a loving mother, a loving daughter, a sweet sister, and sometimes the Assyrian goddess Durga or the queen of Jhansi. Today, modern educators have unanimously agreed that society is taking place in the education of the mother, the first teacher of the child. However, in today's modern patriarchal society, where women have to be oppressed and persecuted again and again. If one goes beyond the expected limits, then the patriarchal society stops them. Do you believe this?
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    It is painfully true that most of the menfolk can not stomach the success of women and try to pull them down when any opportunity arises. Dhruba, I appreciate your wonderful definition of women. I have come across men who praise their wives only behind the closed doors of their house and hesitate to do it in pubic because they might be labelled as henpecked husbands. Of course, there are some exceptions which has given birth to a saying" Behind every man there is a successful woman". However, the percentage is always higher on the former men than the later.

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    That was more prevalent in the olden days. But there is some change these days. Women are also getting their due. In fact, in many areas women are dominating men. There are giving a big competition for men in almost all the fields. I also feel that we should encourage ladies and see that they will also contribute their talent to uplift the nation's progress.
    Really ladies are playing an important role in our lives. Many men are working under lady bosses and their success will always depend on the boss only. So their success depends on two ladies. Wife in the house and the lady boss in the office.
    We should not treat differently ladies. We should give due respect and importance to them. We all should remember that we are in our mother's body for nine months and she carried us with her. That speaks how a lady is important in this world.

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    Dhruba, what are you trying to convey? Are you clear? If woman is mother, sister, daughter and so on, so is a Man. He is father, brother, son and so on. A man, though underestimated mostly, does have a value.

    I come from an area where we had a matriarchal system and I am quite aware of how the system is in that part of your area.

    So, why crib unnecessarily?

    My aim is just to bring in some clarity to your thread.

    Please be clear as to what you want to say.

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost

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    I do not think that all men are the same though I do agree many men try to restrict women on various occasions. Women are also aware of their rights and because of remaining oppressed for a long time, some laws are enacted to guard women in some ways. Men who look down on the achievement and success of women must change their mindsets. Women are human beings only and should be respected by all like any fellow being. It all starts during childhood when some families create separate rules for boys and girls. When children become used to such separate rules it remains etched in their minds and they cannot change it later on.

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    There was a time when these things were prevalent in the society. Many men had dominated as well as humiliated the women on small things. Today the situation is completely changed. There may be a few stray cases or a little percentage of men still having that residual cruelty inside them but in general we can say that in today's society this type of offence has come down significantly.
    The main credit to this goes to the higher number of girls getting educated and also taking up jobs and sharing the same responsibility in workplace as the men do. The modern ways of living and the changing society across the globe are giving enough opportunities and favourable situations to the women and in coming days such offending things would be simply out of place.

    Knowledge is power.

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