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    Know the depth before you get into the water

    When we go for a bath in a river generally we see boards kept near the places where depth is more and where we should not go for a bath. Bathing ghtas will be kept neat and clean. In the bathing ghats also there will be some fencing to stop the people to go beyond that place. Even then personally when we get into the water we will be very attentive and see that we are safe.

    Similarly, when we take up any assignment we should assess the project correctly and then we have to plan the way in which we have to progress. When we do that preparation only we can have a better output and we may attain the expected results. Some people start work without thinking and planning and they may end up with a failure. So knowing the depth of the water before you get into it is very important. I feel all the other members will be in agreement with this.
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    It is necessary to assess the situation and details about the task which we are going to take up in our lives. This is a very necessary step because we have to do a lot of homework and ponderings regarding the upcoming job and decide whether we have to take up it or not. If our assessment is realistic then only there will be a chance that we get success in taking up and completing that particular task. There are some people who will take up any job and any task without thinking about it and when they start doing it then they find themselves in a big trap where the end result is nothing like other than failure. It is imperative that we have to be very careful in this respect and weigh the pros and cons of our activities about which we are contemplating to take up in the coming times.
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    Yes, it is necessary to know the depth for safety and security. When you are swimming or taking a bath in any kind of water body you are keeping yourself afloat and at the same time, you must know the depth underwater. This will help to maintain a good balance and a similar thing is experienced while taking up a project. If one is not aware of the work to be done in the project she/he will find it difficult to manage the things and ultimately stumble. Therefore, before starting the tasks one has to assess what should be done and how they should be done. After that, the execution can start.

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    What the author said is right. When we want to get into the water, we must know the depth otherwise, there is risk for the life even. Same is the life. Before taking any decision, we have to go through the consequences of attempting any new issues or matter that have the cascading effect on the life. Once I had been a temple in Tamil Nadu , where in to have a dip in temple tank or Pushkarini, there is no warning about the depth nor there are any safety bars to catch hold and go into water. Being slippery due to fungus presence, I had the skid into the water and luckily some other devotees saved me. It was the mistake from my side for not going into the details of the temple tank and not having any idea. Same way the life is always surrounded with risk, and we have to trend with caution, otherwise setback and failures are for sure.
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    Yes, there is a proverb, "Think before you act, not after you act."
    Because at times we young people jump on any topic, make decisions, but over time our decisions often prove to be wrong. There is no doubt that we are patriots but our real knowledge about how or where to express patriotism is not yet mature. The saddest and most worrying thing is that we get so excited. Another thing to note is that we did not acquire the virtue of showing any greatness, such as later admitting a mistake or apologizing for our wrong decision. But those who think far-reaching and work with the future in mind are easily saved from danger, but those who go in the opposite direction get into trouble and after being in danger there is no way to escape from it. Every human being should think about the consequences before doing any work and make sure that the work he is going to do improves his life and check his ability to do the work. Therefore, it is important to check its depth before entering the water. People should develop their matching talents and use them in the best way and win the battle of life.

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