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    Those who talk more, what do they talk about?

    There are many who talk more, people may refer to them as talkative and you will find them talking all the time. They talk on various issues and knowingly or unknowingly they make various comments. I am not trying to find out why they talk more rather I am interested to find out what they talk about, especially the nature of their talks. When we discuss a specific issue the discussion can continue for a long time since we introspect on various aspects related to the issue but if it is not any specific issue and we are also not in a group then how long the talks can continue between two? I am sharing my observations here. When a talkative person is not discussing any specific issue they initiate a discussion on either what others are doing and what others could have done in a situation or boast about their success stories. Members, do you have any observations related to this?
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    We can find such type of people everywhere be it an office or otherwise. The don't mind what others are saying regarding them but without minding the comments of others, they would go on talking on one topic or the other. They would not stop easily. However, they do limit their talks to some extent because of working atmosphere apart from the fear of the bosses. If such type of people meet you somewhere else other than office, you would not like to have a talk any more since you are aware of their nature and you would like to avoid such people. The only tragedy is that they don't know when to stop.

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    Some people never require any topic to talk about. They can take you around the world and bring back you to your place with words. They will talk about State news, central news, national news and international news. But how reliable that news is not known to us. They speak about anything and everything about the world.
    As a matter of fact, they are nothing but no use talking. I have seen some people who talk very nicely and only on a subject they take and they can go to the depth of the subject. Such people talk only about what is relevant and what they know. It will be good to hear from such people.
    But some people spend their time talking always some rubbish and useless. Such people should not be encouraged and by hearing their talks we are not going to gain any subject knowledge.

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    Some people are so much talkative that they will not give a chance to others to talk and go on talking continuously for a long time. Most of these people are having a habit of talking about their past life, their success stories, and their style or technique of dealings with other people and they will boast so many things that the people hearing them will eventually would feel bored and sometimes even leave the discussion. Who will like to join a discussion on this earth which is one sided?
    These people do not have a thorough knowledge of a particular field but they have some little knowledge of all the fields and you can say that they are actually generalist having no core strength.
    In essence it is better to avoid these people and not call them for discussion because the net gain after the discussion will be nil. It will only be a wastage of time.

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    This is general to say that he/she is talking more.
    But it is not correct according to me. Most of people are talking with others with a limit.
    With some people only they are talking more where such persons are fond to their heart.
    Some people are talking more to others when they expect something from others
    Some people never talk to others and do talk only when they called by others.
    Marketing people do talk more as they have to turn the customers to their side. By practice, they used to talk with others without time limit.

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    What I have observed closely that those who talk more are talking the same subject again and again. Not that they are having new information to share, they have the passion to talk and keep on talking to known people, relative, friends and even the customer care calls. Some have the very bad habit of detailing for every matter and talking with them is very danger. For example if some one calls as the wrong number, she would take the call and take the interview with that person has to why her number was dialed and what was the intention. In a home we have four members, while I am precise in talking and even talk less, my boy and wife have the tendency to talk more and detailing and my daughter is also very average in talking. I found more information is not shared but the same information shared again and again.
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    My father used to tell us to talk less because the listeners would not like to listen to something for a longer duration and we should know where to draw the line. If you observe keenly, you will know that talking endlessly leads to repeating the same thing which irks the listener. On the lighter note,I find women talking more than the men because they get ideas after watching soap operas on television regularly.Generally men can talk more about sports and news than any other subject.

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    It is very important to have a little discernment and awareness in speaking. Less talk solves many problems. There are some people who always say a little too much, it is a feature of them. They prefer to speak from hearing or understanding. I don't think their behavior is normal.
    Those who talk less think more. And in many cases, being silent means that they are thinking in their minds. Even a less talkative person is interested in talking when everyone is talking in a discussion, but the main obstacle for him to start talking or saying something is that he listens to everyone and prefers to think. And it is this ability to think that makes intelligent people less talkative.
    Those who are quieter and prefer to talk less read and write more. They want to spend all their energy on something constructive. They also like to work creatively. And in this their intellect becomes sharp. This issue is rarely noticed among those who talk more.

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