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    Are rich people always happy and the poor often sad?

    Many people think that just because rich people have enough money to possess all the expensive thing and lead a luxurious life they are seldom sad where as poor people who can not afford to buy them are often sad. However, this is not true. Happiness cannot be weighed with the yardstick of wealth. Even a multi-millionaire can be sad and have anxiety due to some family issues. What is your opinion?
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    Happiness or sadness is a state of mind and it entirely depends on the person. The more condition one sets for happiness, the unhappier the person will be because if the condition is not met there will be no happiness. If we can train our minds in a way where there will be no condition to remain happy then I think we may be able to remain happy always. There will be many problems and at the same time, one has to look for a solution to them. Happiness is not only about smiling faces or singing or dancing after a specific event but also how we interact with others on various occasions daily. If enough materials make a person happy then ofcourse becoming rich may help the person to remain happier as she/he will have enough resources to purchase materials. On the other hand, if one is not at all materialistic then the monetary condition will not hamper happiness.

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    The statement is a myth only. There are rich people who may be happy and unhappy. The same thing is also true with poor. A poor man may sleep happily without any worry after completing a days hard work. But a rich man may not get good sleep because various worries of his business or money. The happiness comes from the contended life what one person lead. A poor man with lot of undue aspirations also lead an unhappy life. Usually poor people whatever bonus they get other than normal day today life will be happy with it. But usually rich people as they earn more and more they aspire for more and this has no end for it. This really makes them more unhappy in their life. But there are some rich people they are happy with what they are having and also they donate money to help others and poor. This type of rich people who lead a contended life will lead a very happy life.

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    What I feel that both of them are not happy for their own reasons. Rich people are not happy because, they want to multiply their wealth and their more concern is how to safeguard the the wealth thus earned. In most of the homes the owner of rich class does not sleep in the bed but at the strong room where the money and property papers are kept and thereby losing the bonding with the family and others. And for the poor, the money is always shortage, none to help, has to mend ways aof daily survival by eking out food for the day and he has no savings for future and the life is more questionable. But I feel the labor class is more blessed these days because they earn money on daily basis and probably living happy and the middle class are most battered as problems galore would always stare at them.
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    Thinking you are much more helpless, poor? Then you are doing wrong. The rich are calculated with money in all respects outwardly. But who knows the rich in terms of mind? They are much richer without money. Because they have invaluable resources of the world. Happier are those who have more valuable assets than money. We can be much happier in life if we have these resources. I can get much more. You can never buy your own health with money. Maybe you can give peace of mind that you are happy. But when you do not live a healthy life, this money will continue to be worthless. You will not find true happiness. You have a healthy life, you are the richest man in the world. So these motives work behind everything in the life of the poor middle class, that is - physical, mental, and sensory happiness which the rich do not have. So I don't think happiness depends on an abundance of wealth.
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    That is true always. The person is hungry. There is money in his pocket and there is a sweet shop. But this rich man can't purchase and eat those sweets as he is diabetic. How can he be happy?
    A poor man is hungry. A lady called him and gave him some leftover rice and curry. He ate it and he is happy.
    So there is no relationship between poverty, richness and happiness. There are many people who are very rich but not happy. Similarly, there are poor people who spend their time happily.
    Happiness is a feeling of our mind and this will be a state of our mind. All come from our mindset. I have seen people who are very rich and their next three generations need not work and manage their lives easily with the money they have. But that may not sit silent and go on doing something as they feel happy to work achieve something during the lifetime. Such people may not be happy till they get the desired results from the work they did.

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    Happiness and being sad are two mental conditions and are mostly our mindsets and often not connected with the money and finances. I can become happy out of a thing for which others will feel indifferent. One person's concept and idea of happiness can be totally different from other persons. It also depends many times on the way we look up to our lives and other life patterns around us. A person can become sad on small things but other person may not feel so and take the difficulties of lives in a challenging and sporting way.
    In remote places and interiors we have seen some people who don't have anything in this materialistic world with them but they are so happy, energetic, and full of laughter all the time. It is an amazing experience to see them behaving like that.

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