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    What is the idea behind the reservation policy?

    The affirmative action has been again highlighted by the supreme court against the idea of merit which is based on marks but not on the social context. The social context implies the social confidence one gets in tangible and intangible form which decide mostly the form of education one gets and the type of profession one aspires to. The progressive nation should not support the reservation at any cost but for that the caste system should dismantle. Because it provides the skewed advantage and the disadvantage to people based on social hierarchy. We wouldn't realize or accept it unless we are asked to drop our caste forever. The backwardness while being in a certain class remains for ages and that backwardness can only be lessen with proper representation in various sectors. With one family understanding the values of education is not the sudden realization but the formed perception through ages in some castes and not in the other. The best example to understand this could be the white people visiting the country and we getting enchanted with their English even though they could be from a non English country like Russia but we would consider them better than us. Why? Because we know through ages that we are ruled by Britishers and that feeling of backwardness travels through generations translating still in our minds today.
    Same is with some classes who don't find compatible with present system of education because they don't have enough contacts or presence to tell them education is the best thing for them and there is no supreme in anything not even this education system with set of limited evaluations technique.
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    Hitherto the reservation education policy was not compulsion on others, but now there has been inclusive pressure for every sects to have the participation in education thereby getting benefited through the reservation policy. There has been criticism from some sects that they are not getting hold to reservation policy because their wards are not qualified to grab the posts and therefore feel neglected in the society. When the govt is envisaging free education for all up to PG level, either state or central govt, what stops the sects to have the education and therefore govt has the need to make it compulsory education for all so that reservation policy be made more effective. One thing is sure, without going into details of govt policies and programs we have no right to demean any policy and that is aimed at good for all.
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    The reservation policy designed by the makers of our constitution is to bring some downtrodden people and see that they will also get enough opportunities for their progress in the country. They have given it with a good intention for a particular time period. But our politicians to get the votes of some people started extending this to many castes and the time period is also being enhanced from time to time. Because of this policy, only certain families only got benefitted. The people really who deserve this never go the advantage, In a family, a member enjoyed the reservation and became an IAS officer. Now the social status of the family is increased and they are financially sound. But again the next generation people from the family will also enjoy the benefit of this policy. How can we support this?
    I don't know the idea behind the reservation policy in the minds of the constitution-makers but the idea behind extending reservation by the politicians is nothing but to attract and get votes from certain sections of this society.

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    India became an independent country in the year 1947. Some leaders found that there were some tribes, caste, or societies which were poor and backward especially in financial aspects. The parliament passed reservation act to help these people to get job on priority. It was also mentioned that the reservation policy was only for an initial period of 10 years and then it would be reviewed from time to time. It is surprising that it is still going on which is giving an apparent indication that there is no progress of people of those sections of societies. Though the fact is just opposite and these sections have actually come up in all respect. In that process some new sections for poor people are formed which might not belong to these communities. So a paradox is set in now.
    It is also to be noted that reservation policy is a highly political matter in the sense that no party will go against it as it has a big hidden vote bank lying there.

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