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    How many times have you paid late fees and penalties?

    There are many payments like electricity bill, water bill, house tax, income tax, and other similar payments which we have to make periodically. To encourage and motivate the consumer to pay the taxes in time or make the payment of bills in time generally there will be some special discount scheme that if by such and such date one pays then one will get that much discount and after that one will not get the discount and after the stipulated last date of payment one would be charged some late fee or penalty for making the payment late.
    It is always better to pay all these things in time to avoid late fees and penalties. But sometimes due to unavoidable reasons we cannot pay in time and then have to shell out some money as penalty.
    Have you ever paid these late fees and penalties? Please shate your experiences.
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    We will be paying many bills monthly. Some bills once in a quarter and some once ib six months. Similarly, we will insurance premium amounts and EMIs and other payments at regular intervals as pre-decided. The advantage these days we all have is smartphones and messages in the form of SMS or in WhatsApp will be coming. Some we will pay by directly authorising the banks to pay as per the due date from our accounts. Because of these facilities. The chances of paying a bill are very less and we will be paying on time only.
    I have no habit of delaying payments and generally, I will pay in advance and I rarely pay late payment fees or penalties. If there is any paucity of funds we may delay payment. But fortunately, such a situation was not faced by me so far and I am able to clear the payments on time. I hope I will continue to do so and I will not face a situation where I have to pay late fees or penalties. I pray to God for the same always.

    always confident

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    I never paid penalties or late fees from my side as I normally pay any bills so as to reach the biller three days before the due date.
    Officially it was so happened to pay a penalty. One time a government due was there by 31 st of that month. Though our department sent a request for DD ( as the payment tobe made demand draft) to accounts section before 15 days. As usual they, accounts head, kept the matter by considering the due date. They gave the DD on 30th evening. We told them that if delay would subject to penalty. They told since it was DD, no delay would be there. On 31st I went to that government office with papers and DD for submission. On the way a flash news came that great political leader shot dead. Immediately everybody closing their offices and shops. Without knowing anything to do next, I return back to office and let the workers to go home safely. Next day on submission, I was informed to penalty of 10 percent as per laid rules.

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    For that matter there was no late fee or penalty as I studied in the govt school and in fact my father was getting the reimbursement of fees from my studies. In govt schools there are no fees as such and the studies are free. But private schools are charging heavy fine and late fees penalties and that are baffling the parents. Especially after the pandemic many schools are demanding the back fees with late fee and penalty and the parents are seeking discount which is not happening. One thing is sure, we have to envisage the payments regularly as we know the due date and effective payments dates and thus delaying payments is our mistake to which levying the late fee penalty is the discretion of the school management. But there must be consideration between the two and the situation should not escalate to court cases.
    K Mohan
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    In the past we used to pay the bills like electricity, house tax , water tax or anything going to their offices. We used to stand in queue and waste our time to pay bills. I never paid the bills late and used to pay them promptly in due time. Especially when we go on lat day for payment there used to be long queues. Nowadays we are paying any kind of bills on online mode only and so that there is no problem of paying late. The Apps. through which we pay will send a message to pay in due time.

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    I always try to pay all types of monthly premiums or other bills regularly. But sometimes I paid extra bills when I depend on others to pay any bill.
    I never paid any late fees and penalties to my knowledge.

    Phagu Mahato
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