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    What steps should schools undertake after pandemic situation ?

    The schools in India were nearly shut for 18 months. Many states have recently reopened schools. Online education was not effective as offline education. So the students are not able to cope with school curriculum. Many students are not able to read or write quickly as before.So they areundergoing a phase of transition. So how can the teachers or principals remold the students in a best manner.

    What programs or initiatives can improve their overall performance?
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    Good question raised by the author. As many schools are slated to open very shortly, the management and teachers must be very careful in dealing with the students as many of them have lost touch with the classes and there is no guarantee that they would understand the portions as they lost the connectivity. What I suggest that while taking the present class the teacher should connect to the old portions also and that would be reviving studies for the students who lost the connect and that would be befitting reply from the teacher for students and parents. The teacher should not be harsh and give more time to students to understand and come to the groove of real class and session. Otherside the student would have more pressure and may even like to be absent if more strictness is being expected.
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    Schools are taking precautionary steps for protecting students from the covid. But the major thing in this the teachers and parents should keep in their mind that the mentality of students/children are away from lessons as there was a good gap of school atmosphere. Many children forgets even alphabets. As they were spending their times with mobiles/computers, it will take time to take them away from them and linking with education. Both parents and teachers should handle them with utmost care over normal. Teachers, best to understand each children from their knowledge and it is good if they bring back their memories. Sometimes teachers have to teach them basics and in such situations parents and teachers should consult each other in developing the children. Parents should set aside their busy mind and should spare time with children.
    Many suicide cases are read because of poor education, not providing mobiles, scolding of parents for mobile watching. If both teachers and parents do not put efforts to care the children it is clear that in no time we lost our valuable children.

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    All the schools should take all the precautions for the health and safety aspects of the students. There should not be any lapse in protocols. COVID is not over yet. So one should not neglect.
    Children never know the importance of a mask. So they may interchange their masks with other students and that is very dangerous. So that should not be allowed. The distance between two students should be maintained properly. Especially when they go for lunch or midday meals the teachers should ensure that they clean their hands properly before they start eating. These are required for health.
    As far as studies are concerned, teachers should show more concentration and attention towards each student and see that they will understand the subject properly. They have to take more interest towards the students who are a little weak and see that they will also come up in all the subjects.

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    With pandemic situation flattening and even going down many schools will be opening one by one in good numbers and students will be back to their earlier activities in their respective schools. As the students were confined to their houses during the last 2 years it is natural that it will take time for them to come back to the normal study situation in the schools. Parents have to push them to go to the school in time and help them in coping up with this transition back to school. Teachers have a bigger responsibility in this respect because many students will be showing slow reactions to the teachings and teachers will have to check the homework and performance in the class for each and every student and to that extent teachers will be feeling as exerted and even overloaded at times. This might take some time say a few months but after that hopefully things would be streamlined.
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