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    Do you encourage children playing video games ? What are the disadvantages of playing such games?

    The world is progressing with a breakneck speed due to the development in technology which has easy access. Some children play video games on their mobile phones, play stations, computers and laptops. They get plenty of new lessons while playing which are mostly negative. Violence is promoted via these games. When a child becomes violent and throw things at someone immediately after playing these games, some parents realize it should be aftermath of the video game. However, once the child has cultivated the habit, it is very difficult to make him withdraw from playing video games. What can be done to make them forget this habit and do something which would make them positive and friendly?
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    I am strongly against the parents handing over their cell phones to the child and meddle with the video games and that is not the good trait as the child is not only going to have the sight problems for sure, but getting more addicted to such games which are more fantasy , and not the enjoyment which we think the child would get. Those who are thinking that the child would keep quiet on meddling with the phone, the parents are making the child to bad habit. Some children are aping the acts of the character and they are trying to destroy the things that came in hand. The other day a child was about to damage the tv as the mother was denying her the phone and therefore children are getting more addicted and more to bad behavior which is not conducive to good living in this society. So parents need to be strict and constraint.
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    It is never advisable to allow children to see video and TV for a long time. At the same time allowing them to play video games is also not advisable. If they spend a long time on videos they will get health problems. They will learn all unwanted technics and use them in real life.
    Recently there were some reports in the media where some young boys conducted a murder the way in which a murder was carried out in the latest Telugu movie. That is how people learn bad practices by seeing them in videos and movies.
    As a matter of fact, these videos will make a very strong impression on the minds of these tender kids and they will grow up in a similar way. There are some video games that will make the kids get addicted to those unwanted actions and games. That will spoil them in many ways.
    Instead of allowing them to play video games, the elders should play real games with them which are good for their physical and mental growth.

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    There are some video games which are very good for learning purposes and are educative in nature so children can be allowed to go through them. But the problem is somewhat different. Students have free access to the smartphones and they can play any video game of their choice. If they play it for a short time say half an hour or one hour per day then it is just like an entertainment and there is no problem. But the real problem comes when they become addicted to it and play it for hours together leaving all other things unattended which not only harms their studies but affect their mental and physical health also.
    So parents have to be very cautious and take care that the children do not play these games more than an hour per day at any cost.

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    The lock down of schools made children very worst. Though the parents are not giving mobile phones to the children, they are sitting with the other children in the area or apartments to play games in mobiles. First of all the parents should avoid seeing mobiles before children but many parents are sitting with their mobiles by asking the children to study. They are considering their children as saints and they expect from the children that though they are watching televisions / seeing mobiles they children should not consider them and should do their study works without minding them. Mobile usage is a bad habit similar to smoking and alcohol drinking, initially it is jolly but slowly it shows its result. Unless the parents correct themselves and sitting with the children without giving separate room for them, they are digging pit for the children badly.

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    Once children get addicted to video games, it will be difficult for us to stop them. Hours together they play and simply they get addicted to these games. Their concentration on studies or any work will be severely affected. If you don't allow them they start doing all sorts of nuisance. So parents have to allow them to play these games little time on Sundays or any holiday. It is better to divert their mind to play physical games outside or otherwise indoor games like Chess or Carrom board or painting like activities.

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