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    My old photo albums- Treasure of my life

    Yesterday, I was searching for my academic documents and found one folder with my school and college time photo albums. I was very much delighted to see those albums. While I was having a glance at my old photos, my son joined me. He was surprised and excited to see the collection of hard copies of the photographs. He asked me, "Mumma, why do you have so many photos printed out of your own when all my photos are kept in the hard disk?" I smiled and explained to him about the old camera we were using with rolls.
    It led me to my old times when we used to think multiple times before clicking any photo because the camera was having limited clicks available in a single roll and then the expenses of getting them washed. And the story does end here, we also needed a photo album to arrange them in proper sequence. So every click, every photo was precious to us.
    The definition of photos as memory has completely changed with digital cameras and mobile as we click so many photos and then delete them whenever we feel like it. The value of photos is depreciated with digitalization. These are my own thoughts and would like to have your honest thoughts on the same.
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    Yes it is the fact that when we come across the old photos in the album we immediately transport to those days and how we coped up our life and so on. Even in our house if some one comes after many years, we have the habit of sharing the photo albuns of our family so that they would also know the journey. In one such photos taken in 1977 black and white, I was standing before the big rock in Mahabalipuram and whenever I see this phone, my thoughts would go to teen age which was hassle free, more enjoyable, no tensions, and above all having blast of time. Though the photo was taken in black and white, the images are still good looking and young, as already 45 years has been elapsed, lots of changes taken place, and even our children would tease the looks and say why I was looking so young and pale.
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    The author's post has made me reveal what I had done last month with the old albums which were a treasure trove of memory for me. In fact, I had a Kodak camera with which I used to take pictures of my daughter and whenever we went out, my husband,my daughter and I would take pictures of our outings.There used to be around thirty six pictures in a reel and sometimes even ten of them would go waste because of being out of focus or our hands would have shaken. However, we had to be satisfied with the best pictures. I had purchased some photo frames online and neatly framed them and hung them of the wall of the house. Each picture has some memory to cherish. But due to the digital world of today, children are only interested to look at the albums which are stored digitally and enjoy watching them. My opinion is although storing pictures and videos digitally is a good option , it should not be the only option because pictures stored in the albums physically have great importance including the black and white photographs which had been clicked before the advent of colour photographs.

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    The author is very correct. Now the values of photos have come down. Earlier days to have a passport size photograph we were going to studios. I have many such passport size photographs of my different ages and they were kept in an album and sometimes I will spend some time seeing those photographs. Having a photo was a costly affair those days. So everyone used to have limited photos only and people used to keep them as a record in albums.
    But these we can have any number of photographs we want. We need not go anywhere and our smartphone will do the task completely and we can store them in the hard disk and see them whenever we want. We can delete them. There is no value for them.
    When the things are available more and more the value of the same will come down. When the photos we have are limited we will take care of them very carefully.
    I am also having the habit of going through my old photo albums and remembering those precious moments whenever I get some time to see them.

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    Photo taking and photo storing have gone through a paradigm shift due to the technological advancement in the area. There was a time when a precious 35 mm roll was used sparingly and all the preparation were done before clicking the button. Today we can click the button thousands of time and even repeat the same photograph umpteen number of times because of the technology in our hand with which we are moving here and there. Most of us are having old physical photograph preserved in our albums. We can rekindle our old memories by going through them from time to time. In fact some people have already captured them in the smartphone and kept them in digital form so that they remain like that forever and do not fade with time as the old photographs in our albums face the problem of fading and degrading with time.
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