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    Yearly death ceremonies of parents are not performed by genext ?

    Be it mother or father, who ever died is the great loss to the family as for the child the mother or father is very dear and they cannot digest the separation that easily. However the cost of performing the rites every month on the death thithi and the final four days culminating as the yearly functions and thereafter every year death ceremonies are becoming more cost affair and the present generation are feeling mere waste and instead they are arranging food to the poor and that is not considered acceptable to other elders in the family. Any comment ?
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    That all depends on the beliefs of the individual. These days many children are not taking care of their parents when they are alive. Then how one can expect them to perform rituals and spend money. It is good if they are feeding the food to poor people once in a month on the thidi on which their parents died. At least some poor will have food on that happily.
    During COVID many people died and the priests who were conducting the process of final rituals were refusing to attend and do the needful even though people are ready to pay a huge amount towards the fee. So when there are no other choices people may be going for this.
    As a child, it is his responsibility to take care of their parents. It is more important than performing rituals after death. So we should advise younger generations to take care of their parents and then we can think about these rituals after death of their parents.

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    Cost may be one of the factors of not attending to the schedule of observing the important ceremonies but there are other things also which need to be discussed at this juncture.
    The most important thing is our attitude towards observing these functions. It is basically nothing except to give respect to our seniors who are not present in this world today. It is not necessary that we should spend so much money on these functions or ceremonies. We can simply feed some poor people or give some small donation to the temple and that itself is a mark of great respect to those souls who have departed. There is nothing like that that if you to call your all the relatives and give them a star buffet then only the souls will be getting satisfied. The procedure is only a medium to reach them through these gestures and nothing else.

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    In the Hindu religion, if any person dies, some rituals will be conducted from the day of death for 12 days. Then there will be a ritual once in a month on the Thiti of the day on which the person died. This monthly programme will be over once one year is over after death. After completion of one year again there will be some rituals for 3 days and from then onwards, there will be oneday program every year on the Thiti of the day the person died.
    Because of pandemics, many priests are not coming to conduct these programmes as they have the fear of COVID attacking them. But now slowly the problem is coming down and we are seeing priests coming and conducting the event. Under these circumstances, there is nothing wrong with donating food on that day and keeping quiet.

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    In this present days, everybody blaming the rituals, demanding priests, cost of living, no time etc., but they forget their duty to do the rituals at least after death, though they are not caring them while living. The main reason for this is their separate living away from the parents as it makes distance in relationship as well love. Many people do not offering the thithi (yearly ceremony) to father or mother or both with a view to having no time and some people ask the priest to come in the early morning etc., They are not thinking about the future of them and they neglect their duties. Some male persons do not do such rituals as per the order from their wife.

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    With every generation there is a change of values and beliefs which is also important. Without change we would never be able to develop. As the author mentioned, it is true that the young generation rather donate than spend money on the death anniversary of their parents. Which might be disrespectful or not accepted by many elders. As someone is the comments already mentioned that it is a matter of belief, it indeed is. While some consider it noble to help the needy rather than spending a lonesome on death anniversary, others might consider it disrespectful to their parents. Whatever it might be, in the end it is a way to celebrate life.
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