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    Consistency in performance will only give you desired results

    We will be seeing many people working in different organisations. Some people will shine better in their careers. Some may progress slowly. But some may not. People attribute different reasons for their success or failure.

    But when we ponder over various reasons for this I feel that consistency in the performance is the key to the success of an individual. Generally, nonperformers think that their bosses are not supporting them in lifting their careers. But there is no truth in that, I feel. If the boss supports a nonperformer for his/ her own reasons ultimately the boss will become a failure and he will lose his importance in the organisation.

    So one should concentrate on his performance and deliver consistently rather than blaming somebody else for their failure.
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    A boss cannot become a failure motivating a weak candidate in the organization. An employee may not perform properly due to several reasons such as cultural shift, lack of tools or technologies, family background, etc. A true boss can identify the potential of the candidates. Some candidates are smarter, but are not able to cope due to cultural change. For eg. if the candidate was brought up in metro cities, then he obviously appears smarter than the candidate who was born in a rural area. If the boss tries uplifting the candidate from metro and ignores the candidate from rural area, then is not fair. The candidate from rural area may not speak fluently initially and hence the boss underestimates him. But, the candidate may perform even better if he is supported by the boss. The boss should identify the candidates before labelling him as a 'non-performer'. If he is really a non-performer, then he need not support because the candidate should realize his weakness and strengths and accordingly learn to perform tasks.

    The candidate should not rely upon superiors or seniors to deliver optimal performance. But, should raise voice against any injustice act. To become successful, a candidate should use will-power, determination and perseverance. Then, should study the culture of the organization and should accept it. Then realizing his strength or weakness should try to uplift himself. You are born independent and hence should fight battle independently.

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    Rightly said by the author as the consistency pays its rich dividends in long run and you are noticed for the sustained glorified performance over the period of time and that would surely baffle those who are the nearest competitor in terms of performance and they cannot compete because maintaining the consistency is not that easy and that needs constant planning, know how and above all having full control over the happening. Often there would be distractors and demeaning of the consistent performers by saying that the management or the top brass has the soft corner for them and therefore they keep on performing under the cushion of wholesome support from all. That is not true. Consistency is the hallmark quality of a individual performer and for that person nothing comes as the non performing task.
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    Performance is one of the most important element in our career and a lot of success is attributed to that only. Only those who perform better can think of progressing ahead and making a place among the top positions for themselves.
    The interesting thing about this is that there are some people who are occasional performers and they get awarded also for that but then there is a big pause and they remain inactive or less active or lazy for sometime till they get some encouragement and motivation and again come back with full zeal and vigour. These people suffer also because of the break in their performance. They are capable and they have capacity to execute the things in better ways but unfortunately due to various personal reasons they are not able to concentrate and focus for a consistent performance.
    So being knowledgeable and intelligent is one thing and is a good thing but at the same time consistency in performance is a crucial aspect for getting success in life and for achieving the desired objectives.

    Knowledge is power.

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