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    What is your opinion about elder heroes at the age of above 60 years doing young roles?

    It is common whether it is Tollywood , Bollywood , Kollywood or in cine field, we see young roles are in a movie are done by elder heroes of above 60 years. Interestingly such movies became super hits in the past or even at present. If such roles are done by young actors it will be apt and give good appealing. Do you really appreciate to watch such roles done by elder heroes who are above age of 60. Do you think the reason for their success is that the fans of such hero are accustomed to view anything the roles done by their loving hero? Do you think the roles done by these heroes must suit their age?
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    The author has raised a very interesting post and it is quite thought provoking also. In my opinion once the particular image of a successful hero is engraved in the minds of his fans and followers then that does not get erased so easily. I remember there was one actor Rajkumar in hindi movies and he was not very good in looks or personality but his dialogue delivery was such that many people wanted to see his movies because of his unique style. There was a craze for him and his movies in the public. So the heroes who are above the age of 60 are enjoying their old reputation only. It is also very surprising that the movie watchers are infatuated so much with them that they can not accept the newcomers who are young and energetic and act in the movies. Actually they only should be acceptable as young heroes.
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    The main reason for the success of such movies is the fan following the old heroes are having. The mindset of the fans will be in such a way that they will be happy to see their hero as a young man. Because of this only such movies are becoming hit. But slowly that trend is coming down. The cine industry was ruled by a small number of heroes only. For example, NTR and ANR were two heroes who ruled Tollywood for years. Whatever role they play, people acted as a student when he was 60. After these two heroes, we have seen Shobhan Babu and Krishna for a long time. But slowly we are seeing more and more young people are playing the lead roles and getting the appreciation of fans. The movies viewers who are not having any swing towards a hero will never show interest in those movies where a 60 years person acted like a college student and danced with girls of 20 to 25b years old. The craze the heroes are having will make the difference.
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    I fail to understand that there are some actors who crossed sixty, and their age could be seen around their face, they could not emote well, nor act wel, or they could able to dance. Just because they were successful in the past as hero, they still carry the goodwill and take it granted that the fans would be liking them always. I am talking about Rajnikant and Kamala Hassan. Both had their innings, and had the fun of acting and made money and also made place in the film Industry. But that greediness is not stopping them and they are trying to look and even paring with young heroines. Once NTR who was 60 age at that time had the film with Sridevi who was much much younger to him and their screen presence resembled as grand father and grand daughter and not the lovers as thought by the director or NTR.
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