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    What are the best ways and practices to follow to spend old age life happily?

    When you are young , you can lead your life in which ever you want to be and even you can help others in so many ways. Once you are retired from your occupation then you find it is difficult to spend a days time happily. As you reach your elder age your earning will be stooped, and even age old health problems creep into your life. Previously as you are the head of the family, every one used to listen your words and follow you. As you become old, you have to listen to the words of children in the present day context. Then for old age people what are the ways and practices to follow to lead happy life. Members, please express your varied views.
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    Actually one must feel happy for having achieved the senior citizen life and that proves that one has earned lots of experience and expertise behind every work and thus make a person to reckon with. One should be very blessed to have reached this stage because, there is always a feeling of content, because by virtue of having seen the world from the closet, one has the ability to tackle any problem and give good advice. Best way to live further peaceful is to mend own ways, not to interfere on others affairs, give best advice if any one approach for suggestion and maintain the time managment for anything being spiritual, taking morning stroll, meeting senior friends and having gala time with children. Be content as what ever comes. If happiness is showered on others the reply would be in same wavelength.
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    Senior citizens face plenty of hurdles and hardships when they retire and stay at home. It is true that some children have become so self centered that they do not have time to spare for the persons who had dedicated their entire life to nurture them and made them successful in life. Health factors such as hypertension,diabetes and other ailments strike the old people very often. And the medical bills mount up every time they visit a specialist. I think the old men and women should save some money before their retirement. The situation could be really worrying if they have to ask their children with humility to give them some money to pay for their medical bills. The old people should also not poke their nose into the affairs of their children and try to advise them when it is not needed. I think detachment from materialistic things and even family members will be helpful. Moreover, they should go spiritual by spending time alone and do things which they like to do as much as possible. It is really painful when you find old people at senior citizens home narrating their saga of having been left by their children there as their presence was not needed at their family nest.

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    Two things are most important in our old age. First is health and second is money. Regarding other things that earlier everyone was listening to us but now we have to listen to them are not of much concern because that is happening since ages that when one gets old no one bothers for him except giving him some basic care and food in time. If he falls ill he will be admitted in hospital depending on his financial condition. So the main mantra for achieving happiness in old age is to accept these changes which are going to be there in every family irrespective of the individual concerned. If the old man had saved a good amount of money for his old age then at least the children can utilise that money for his treatment and other care. If he failed to do so then it will be a financial liability on the children and now solely depend on the nature and behaviour of the children that how much they will be concerned and helping him in that last phase of life. The old man cannot order or demand it from them. He can only hope that they will be doing good to him.
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    The following points may help the old age people in spending time happily. One should understand the reality and come to terms with the environment and surroundings.
    All old people should understand that their active life is over and now they have to manage time as silently as possible. They will not be considered knowledgeable by the active people in the family. So They should not give any suggestions unless otherwise asked for. Even after taking our suggestion, they may not implement the same. We should not expect them to follow their suggestion.
    If they have some energy they can go for a morning walk. Then spend some time in prayers and Japam. Then spend some time reading epics and books so that we will have some peace of mind. Eat healthy food and spend some time with children in the house.
    As far as possible don't interfere with the works of young people and let them manage on their own. I think old people should not have any affiliations or attachments with anybody. Then only they will have happiness.

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    Really the old age becomes tough if one is dissatisfied mentally thinking negatively how others are treating with them and probably it was beyond one's anticipation that even the children have closed their eyes in one's retirement phase. Since the present situation cannot be reversed but there are ways to make this phase somewhat better with the change of thinking pattern. The best part when one made one's best effort to provide the best institutions for one's kids for the persuasion of studies and now they are enjoying the lives because of sacrifice made by one's sincere involvement. If the kids are thankful for one's involvement, it must provide satisfaction. Whatever development is on the positive side, one should be happy with that. Nurturing friendships with the same group of people having identical emotions would be quite blessings.

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