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    US interference on Hijab row uncalled for

    Indian leadership and law enforcing authorities and including courts are competent enough to tackle any issues that hogs limelight across the country and that includes the latest hijab row which was raked up by some vested interests and now US poking its nose into our internal affairs which is uncalled for and they better concentrate on their own affairs. We have able leadership and the court has already passed the orders on the issue and therefore there need not be specified interference from super power which is nothing but over riding our good relations with US.
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    The author is right that United States should not poke its nose in our administration since we have the competent machinery to tackle all sorts of issues including hijab which has developed recently. Even our courts are capable enough to take decisions appropriately in this regard. We have had different contentious issues and these have been resolved amicably with our either courts or the government. So far we are concerned, we would not like to drag any issue of other countries for the criticism and similarly it is expected that the US administration should respect our efforts to diffuse the ongoing crisis with our own means.

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    It appears that international politics is not different from the national politics in this world. There are some countries who are taking more interest in what is happening in other countries than improving their own conditions and their own miserable political situation. It is not understood under which force and compulsion they are doing such actions or making such statements but it is definitely in a bad taste. Today India is not such a weak country that with one statement of US it will feel hurt or feel embarrassed. We have our own democratic values and concern for the common man and in that aspect no one can give us lessons or teach morals. By doing such childish actions they are exposing themselves.
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    True. There will be some issues internally in every country and there will be people in administration in the country to tackle such issues. There is nothing for the other countries to worry about. If really any help is required the administration of the country will approach the relevant and get their help. But without any request from the country why some countries should poke their nose into the internal matters of other countries,
    India tackled more serious problems earlier in the country on its own and never asked for any help from other countries. Why the US is showing undue interest is not known. Anyhow our ruling government will reply to that suitably and may make them silent.
    It has become a practice for some rich countries to get into unwanted issues of other countries to show their supremacy which is not a correct issue. Let them manage their own issues and the issues they have with other countries. That will be sufficient.

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