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    Do you become tensed when you do not get your early morning cup of coffee or tea?

    Many people have the habit of drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea as soon as they get up from bed. Those lovers of the beverage have made it an early morning ritual. They have become so much devoted to the drink that for some reason if they do not get their piping hot cup of coffee,they get irritated,pretend getting headache and make the other members of the family tensed. Thanks to the online apps which deliver such items early in the morning. Though I am not a coffee addict, I store enough milk in my fridge and make sure that I can have it as soon as I freshen up. Nowadays, instant coffee pouches are available in the super markets. Do you have the habit of drinking coffee or tea as soon as you wake up? How do you react when you do not get it?
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    For that matter I wake up early in the wee hours, finish all my morning responsibilities and have nice strong coffee prepared for the entire family members and right now I am sipping the coffee and writing the post. What I mean to say that one need not get tensed for not getting the coffee. These days instant coffee powder for just two rupee packets are available, just boil the milk, take one glass of it and add instant coffee powder with sugar or jaggery and take it as you wish. What I feel that when the things can be made that easily and that quickly one should not bother the housewife for such things. In fact my wife and children feel happy the way I make strong coffee for them daily and they cherish the taste and I have the knack of making more froth from the coffee and that makes the taste more formidable.
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    We are sometimes addicted to a cup of tea or coffee if the same is taken regularly for sometimes. However, I would not make others tensed for my addiction.I would take enough care that there is sufficient milk in the fridge apart from sachets of coffee to enjoy its taste.while considering the habits of my family members, I know that they would not wake up until it is 6.30 morning but I am rather an early riser maintaining my waking schedule at 5.30. Prior to my morning fresh up, I would like to have a cup of coffee to energise my body and later my other activities would follow.

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    Old habits die hard especially when we are addicted to it. Most of us are addicted to tea or coffee in the morning and require a cup of that immediately after we get up. If there is someone in the house to feed that to us we will be happy otherwise we will go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee for ourselves and quench that addictive thirst.
    There have been cases when a person who is addicted to tea in the morning has not taken it due to some reason or he was travelling from one place to another and did not get the tea on the way and by 10 or 11 AM he starts getting headache and nausea sensation. Tea or coffee contain certain chemicals in the nature of nicotine and caffeine and if a person is habitual of taking them then he would feel its absence badly if it is not taken within that schedule period.
    I take not only a cup of tea in the morning but I also take about 3-4 cups during the day whenever I feel tired or exerted with my mental labour. Earlier I was taking 8-10 cups of tea everyday but on the advice of doctor I have now reduced it to bare minimum as possible from my side.

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    During my childhood days, I used to drink a cup of coffee immediately after brushing my teeth. I used to feel worried if there is any late in having coffee early in the morning. Even in afternoons also I used to have coffee only and I never had tea during those days. But after completing my education, I started drinking tea in the afternoons. But slowly I started managing without taking any beverage early in the morning without any problem. Now I am not at all bothered whether I can have coffee or not. But most of the days I will take a cup of coffee and my wife will take a cup of milk.
    One of my brothers used to have this problem of headache in case of not having coffee after brushing the teeth. Sometimes that head ache used to continue for a long time. Then he took the help of one Homoeopathy doctor and started using a medicine. Now he can manage the whole day without coffee or tea without any problem.

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    For me the first coffee is a must. If I am not getting after my brushing I will get upset and sit silently. For the best sake I have not faced such situation till date except only one day. I was in my uncle's house in 1978 and going to office from there, During that time festival Deepavali came. To avoid travel to my native place for just one day, my mother suggested me to spend the function in my uncle's house with my cousins. I did not know that they are all taking first coffee only after taking holy bath. In my house at native place, we used to take the first coffee and the holy bath only after that. Here in Chennai, in my uncle's house I was just sat with worry with the thought of when the coffee would come. By seeing my mood out situation, my aunt came with worry and enquired whether I was feeling as staying away from my own house. I told her that coffee was the problem. Immediately she understood this and gave coffee to me. Since then my aunt gave me coffee immediately after my brushing. Earlier my mother, then my aunt and then my wife gave coffee to me immediately after brushing. I do not worry about second and further cofee if not available. If available, no limit.

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    No, because I do not have any such habit. Even if one is habituated to sipping hot tea or coffee early in the morning there is no need to become tensed or irritated. If one is so much addicted to such things then it is always better to prepare it by the person her/himself rather than depending on some family members. Isn't it quite annoying that one person will wake up and another has to serve the person something she/he is addicted to? After waking up, it is always advisable to start your own work without remaining dependent on others. After all, making a cup of coffee or tea is not a big deal and one doesn't have to spend a long time preparing them.

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    Actually I used to drink Boost or Horlicks till my marriage. But after my marriage I started drinking Coffee to give company to my wife. Drinking a cup of Coffee early in the morning make us energetic and thus we start our daily activities actively. But in the absence of taking Coffee may not affect me much like so many getting headache. I like to take tea in the evening but never I take in the morning time. A cup of coffee in the morning and just a cup of tea in the evening refreshes us and keeps us energetic. Drinking too much coffee or tea is definitely harmful for our health. I think making a cup of coffee or tea is not tha much difficult and definitely we can make on our own easily. I don't like instant Coffee as it gives a bad feeling to my mouth after drinking. So I like only filter made Coffee. For easy preparation filter Coffee, a Percolator can be used.

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