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    Why YouTube is So Popular?

    We all are enjoying the internet as a source of NEWS, Education, Entertainment and other purposes? In fact, some of us may be active Youtuber, members of the YouTube community. But ever you think Why YouTube is So Popular?
    I think the following reasons may be behind the popularity of YouTube

    It is free to use.
    Uploading videos onto YouTube is too easy
    Easy to search any related videos

    Do you have some other reasons behind YouTube Popularity?
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    In internet there are some sites which are the leaders in that particular area or domain. For example when it comes to social media Facebook is the number one. When it comes to chatting and forwarding and receiving of messages then WhatsApp is definitely the number one. Coming to the search engines there are so many but Google is the leader. In the same way when it comes to video uploading and video watching YouTube is the number one.
    The main reason of YouTube being so popular is that there are a large number of people who are earning their livelihood from YouTube only. The channels in YouTube which are having large number of views are still earning money though it is comparatively lower than what it used to be in earlier times when YouTube was introduced. Moreover the software platform on which YouTube is mounted is very robust and convenient for the users.

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    YouTube has played a significant roles in our lives and with the progress of time, not necessarily the students are only relying on the text books, they also go in for YouTube for getting more subject materials. It is not only ideal for the students but for anyone interested to know any general topics related to music, health, query about commodities, more knowledge in horticulture and a lot of items. You Tube is the answer of all the queries for which we want to have any solution. In You Tube, we would get lot of videos pertaining to different topics covering almost in areas and the viewers are immensely benefited by viewing the contents uploaded by prominent people of their areas. For the people interested to earn some money, it is rather the best platform. More is the number of scribers, more is the revenue earning for the people uploading their videos. With time, the earnings have reduced considerably but still, they earn reputation for their contents.

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    You tube is popular because we can learn many things from the channel. For example, there are some women who are active on You tube. They post some important kitchen tips,recipes and also about new household product available in the market. They happen to earn quite a lot of money as well.Some You tubers also teach drawing, painting and making handicrafts on their channels.

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    @Umesh Sir
    I have both Youtube Channel with 10K subscribers and websites. But earning from the website is much than YouTube earning. The Youtube channel revenue approx 1$ for 3000 to 4000 views. It may vary on the category of channels but almost the same while website ad revenue approx 10 $ for 3000 to 4000 views.
    But few people like to build websites

    Phagu Mahato
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    I think the main reason for the popularity of youtube is the accessibility of the channel. Anyone can upload their stuff and there is no screening or editing. If the content is good there may be many views and the person uploading the video may get a small amount. Even there is no money also they can continue their posting and there is no issue. We see all sorts of videos on this channel because of this only. As the customer base is increasing the channel is getting more and more advertisements and their earnings are also increasing. But what they give to the content suppliers are very little.
    These days taking a video is also become easy with many smartphones and all are having smartphones. They take videos and post them on this channel.

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    No doubt the You Tube has earned the great reputation in the recent past and during pandemic, many had made the living through their own channel and that not only brought them name and fame but also made some monetization and thus made the living through their original videos. I do agree that the basic concept of Youtube is to have free video hoisting and even the not so habitual person can upload the video to their channel and our uploaded videos are listed in the place and that is easy to watch again and again and even share to the friends. And many small time singers, house makers, dancers. small businessman, achievers, have taken the help of Youtube and had the great impression created in the journey. Those who know the trick has already got benefited and they keep trying new efforts to improve upon.
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    Youtube is a visual treat for its customers. You can get t all sorts of information through youtube starting from entertainment to education. In Google websites you can find only textual matter and pictures. But a Youtube video can give visual treat to your learning. Nowadays students can rely on youtube lessons to learn any subject from Maths, Engineering or Medicine. You can watch movies or songs that are released on any year. You can learn repairing machines, computers , mobiles or anything through the video lessons from youtube. I think youtube is the most entertaining and knowledge providing part of mobiles. So many getting large amount of income by uploading interesting videos in youtube. At some of the Telugu youtube travelers of various countries uploading interesting videos daily and are earning more than 2 -5 lakhs per month. This news came in newspapers and BBC TV Telugu channel.

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    @ Phagu Mahato,
    I have also YouTube channel. Six month ago I started upload music video. But till now, only 27 subscriber and approx 2400 views. One of my friend have YouTube channel and she has lakh subscriber. Is there any option to buy subscriber? Her video is not so good. I think every youtuber not earning money. How youTube pay money? On what basis they pay money viewers or subscribers? I have no idea about this. What is the procedure to get money?

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    YouTube has gained immense popularity is the past years. Most of the people, who are not even remotely aware of all the internet feature use YouTube for their pleasure. As the author mentioned there are a few reasons why it is so popular among every, all of which I agree with. It's easy to use and understandable interface is what attracts most people to use it on a daily basis. Another one of the reason I would like to add is the vast variety of content that exist in YouTube. Indeed there are other sites like instagram which offers similar features however the vast variety to content that YouTube has in store for every gender and generation is exceptional. Not to miss how easy it is to search for an exact video. Thus, i believe that focusing on how old YouTube is and how international it is, that is what makes it so popular.
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