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    Sangeet program in marriages should not be lengthy and disturb other slated tasks

    While the new generation wants the doze of Mehendi, Sangeet as part of their marriage preludes but what has been observed that the guests are made to wait for the dinner as the Sangeet keep extending on popular demand and there is none to cut short the program and allow other tasks to happen and coincide as the prelude to marriage. We do agree that marriages is held for once and the program should not disturb the valuable guest timings also, otherwise the marriage would be taken as mockery and not the function to bless the couples.
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    Marriage functions are a time for fun and frolic and all the family members, friends, and relatives wait for that occasion eagerly. People want to have as much of fun as possible on the day and in that excitement and thrill they forget the schedule timings of all the other activities and simple people have to wait for dinner and other things till announcement for that is made.
    Even when there is not a function and it is simply a holiday all the members will be relaxed and will be working slowly and the ultimate result will be that lunch will be taken at 3 PM in place of 1:30 PM. So if such a delay is happening on the normal days then what will happen on a day when such a big ceremony is being held. At such times if some senior person suggests that let everyone adhere to some discipline then all other people will laugh and mock him and generally it is seen that the senior will also keep quiet during that type of functions.

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    Marriages are once in lifetime functions for the bride and leave many remembrances to the bride and the bridegroom. So it should be celebrated in such a way that both of them are happy with the proceedings of the function.
    In Hindu marriages, there are some processes that are prescribed in our Vedic literature and they should be followed without any deviations. In addition to that, some events which are for fun and enjoyment. Elders give importance to the procedures that are prescribed in our literature. But young people feel happy with the additions that make them happy.
    Sangeet program is a pre-marriage celebration and originally in our South India, this was not a part of the marriage celebrations. But these days Sangeet has become a part of the premarriage celebrations in South India also. When we plan a marriage function we have to have a time slot for each activity and we should see that activities will be completed within the allotted time slot. Otherwise, the programme will get delayed and we may have hasten the process afterwards and that is not at all a welcome aspect.

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    Modern world has changed many aspects in life including the way weddings are being conducted. Sangeeth and mehendi ceremony which were not apart of South Indian ritual has been introduced which the North Indians follow. These changes should be welcomed. At the same time food should be served to the guests at the proper time.

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    Yes the Sangeet was extended to popular demand and many failed to have the food and thus left in huff.
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