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    Can you suggest some ways for improving our creative writings?

    Creative writing is an art and it requires a lot of hard work and practice to learn it and improve it with time. Experts advise and suggest us many tips, tricks, and measures to improve our writings. Whether we write an article or story or some other content there are some basic things which we have to follow and adhere to while producing an impressive and acceptable piece of writing.
    One thing that I can suggest as per my experience is that if we read a particular topic or matter in a book or in the internet at some place and then summarise it or elaborate it in our own words and then compare it with the original and see whether we were able to convey it in a different fashion or may be in a better way then that type of exercise could help us in improving our writing power.
    What are your experiences in these matters? Can you suggest some methods or techniques for improving our writings? Please share for the benefit of everyone here.
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    The query is for tips on creative writing, whereas the text I think leans more towards gathering information for content writing, which is a topic that has been discussed before on quite a few occasions.
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    A content writer should read more and more to improve his word power. When you have a good vocabulary you can express your thoughts by using very specific words. So reading more and more books is one basic thing to improve our writing skills.
    When we want to write on a particular topic we should read all the information viable on the internet on that subject. So that we will have full knowledge about the subject.
    When we are writing a particular article or story we should think about the readers and their age and standard. Once we know who are the targetted readers we should write in such a way that those people will understand what we write. A reader can appreciate our work only when he is able to understand what we conveyed in the story. So we should write in such a way that people will appreciate our work.

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    No doubt there are many ways by which one can improve his/her creative writing skills. Discussing one such aspect here. The first and foremost thing is to be a good reader, a voracious one. Not only just the topic that we are going to write, but we need to read a lot about other things as well. It helps to read good literature. Reading them in abundance, we get to understand the thought process of the authors that in turn helps us come up with our own creative write ups. One great book to improve our writing skills is to read the book on 'Keys to Successful Writing : Unlocking the Writer Within', by Marilyn Anderson. I had it issued from our office library and read it once. It gives us numerous examples of a good write up. It will do good reading it at least once. It is said that to be a good writer we have to first be a great reader. So developing a reading habit should help.
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    Reading good books and the newspaper helps us to not only improve our vocabulary but also get information about the latest happening in the world which help us to get the contents. There are many books available in the market. However, creativity is something which is a special ability and it can not be taught. I feel the children also should be encouraged to read plenty of material right from the young age so that they can write good articles on their own in schools.

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    The best way to improve our creative writing is to widen our horizon and think in multi-dimensional aspects. We should improve our power of analysis. When we read books or newspaper, we can only gather information about different subjects, but cannot develop thinking power. To write creatively, you should activate the power of imagination that is hidden within you. When you read something, you may feel inspired. You may feel inspired if you read the biography of any social worker. So, if you are really inspired by their selfless contributions towards the society, then you can write something about 'Humanity and the pleasure derived from selfless work'. You can share your experience in the forum if you have contributed selflessly to the society.

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    This is really a very interesting topic providing us information how best we can reach to readers with our lucid style of writing. It would all depend upon for whom we are writing for. If the creations are meant for the kids, our words must be soothing to the psychology to the children folks . We should be aware of their tastes and the representation of the author should match their likings. If the author is talented one, his imagination and feelings would go well with the curious readers. In our childhood days, there was the publication of a magazine meant for infants and it was being published from Madras known as Chandamama in which there were the stories of several eminent writers and we remained so much engrossed with the different creations touching our minds for their unique way of writing. This publication is closed but still I recall up those days when I was eagerly waiting every month to have a new copy of that publication.

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    For me creative writing must start from the inner feed of the mind and as we sit in front of the computer, the detailing of the matter takes place by typing one after other sentence connected to the topic and thus at the end of the page, we see a great article came out not through taking cues from the internet, but individual thinking made that possible. If we have the courage to create new articles, then ar also equally good at orator speech on any subject. While some are having problem in writing but they can give better speech but many are incapable of making speech due to fear factor but can write well. So what implies here that the individual attention towards the subject only matters and that is the reason being so some are super orator, super writer, great script writer for any show or program and they stand winners.
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