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    South Indian movies dominate the box office

    I was going through a recent article and was astonished to learn that it is Telugu movies, which are earning the most amongst all Indian movies. In fact, they are doing better than even Hindi or the Bollywood movies. It is great to learn that even with a limited audience; a regional language is dominating the box office in India. Box office share of Telugu movies is 29%, whereas Hindi movies are a shade below at 27%. Though not a great fan of Telugu movies, I recently saw the Hindi version of the Telugu movie 'Pushpa', where Allu Arjun and the others put up a stellar performance setting the screen on fire at multiple occasions. With a 17% share of the box office, even Tamil movies are doing good. Overall, the four south Indian languages have a share of 59% in earnings. Indeed a very dominating presence. Hopefully, with the end of the pandemic, Hindi movies too will get back to business.
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    As far as creativity is concerned, Tollywood and Kollywood of South India have excelled even at the movie starting stage of Indian cinema history. From the beginning , Tollywood has great producers, creative directors, great writers, great musicians, outstanding singers like Ghantasala, Mangalam palli Balamurali krishna, P.suseela, S. Janaki, Bhanumathi, PB Srinivas, SP Balu, etc. Movies like Maya Bazar , Lavakusa taken in 1960 's appears to be taken like in present day technology. Just any body can watch those movies on YouTube, and you can think how brilliant they are at that time. Hindi movies as they have large base ruled the film industry for a long time. But with the advent of a bunch of young creative directors in Tollywood, a wide variety of movies sprawled in recent times. The present set of directors always thinking of the quality of movies all the time. They are taking 2 to 3 years for creating such movies as Bahubali , Pushpa Magadheera, etc. Producers are investing crores of money to get the movies of Hollywood quality. So all movies created in Telugu along with other languages getting world wide attention. Many movies taken in Telugu for their versatility were remade in other languages too. Actors of yesteryears of Tollywood like ANR, NTR, SV Ranga Rao, Krishna, Savitri, laid the foundation for acting at the beginning of cinema industry.

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    A majority of South Indians are movie lovers. They feel excited when they see the movie in which their hero is doing a lead role. They are hero worshippers. This was proved many times in many ways. In South Indian states cine actors became the Chief Minister of the State. MGR. NTR and Jayalalitha are the actors who became CMs.
    Because of their love for movies, the Telugu and Tamil people always make a point to see a movie at least once a week. Added to that because of the technological developments the movies are getting released all over the world and the fans of movies who settled in other countries also are able to view the movies and that is also becoming a good contribution for the movie.
    The South Indian movies are being made these days using good technologies and the Directors are trying to present the movie in the best possible way. Movies like Bahubali, Akhanda and Pushpa are made with very high budgets and they got the returns in a fitting way to their efforts.

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    South Indian film industry is doing exceedingly well and their movies are at par or even sometimes better than Bollywood movies. The directors of these movies know all the tricks and trades of the business and present their stories with all the spicy and attractive ingredients which are essential for a movie to get success on the box office. It is a great matter that the dubbed or translated versions of these south Indian movies are getting much popular in other places and Pushpa is the recent example of that. In coming times this trend is going to further enhance and I am sure that south Indian films would be giving tough competition to Bollywood ones.
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    What the author said is right as Telugu movies have got into excellence of making good movies acceptable to all sections of people and therefore the acceptance rate is more and fetching. Firsty the story line would be screenplayed to make more emotional, more attached to create hype for the next scene and even some movies are made in sequel to continue the trend. The cinematography is the second big factor that would take the film to next level with best locales, best angles and mind blowing usage of Jimmy jif and drone cameras during fighting scenes. Thirdly most money in invested on the fighting and penning the best songs for the movie and the fate of film can be judged from the hit or miss of the song and that would decide the box office collections. And creative direction even on loose script is the great take.
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