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    How cold is cold for you?

    Slowly a little warm weather is setting in after a more than usually cold winter. That is, many places around the country experienced a drop in temperatures far more than was usual. While sweaters, shawls, jackets, blankets, and what-not came out of cupboards, for a few it seems they don't really need warm clothing. They even require the fan!

    In my case, I do find cold weather chilly sometimes and have to wear a layer of warm clothes inside the home, while outdoors I like to absorb the warm sunshine and wear a light jacket if at all required. In fact, when going to watch a movie in a theatre, I find the air-conditioning far too high, so always take along a thick jacket to wear inside.

    How much cold can you tolerate? Do you wear a light sweater, for example, if you are stepping out for an early morning walk and even require to wear it in the house for a while?
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    The Guntur city where I am residing in AP lies in hot zone. Usually even winter season also we don't need any special clothing. At most in December and January in the early morning we need a rug to tolerate little cold. Especially I like cold season and I enjoy. In cold season I get a very good sleep. But in this winter season, the cold was little bit more and we don't used fans much either in night or day time. Usually I don't need sweater in my region but this time we used sweaters and rugs in this winter season for some time. But when I visited Hyderabad, the cold was very severe in this season more than before. Now in our city we are not much facing any cold problem but at night time we are using fans at low speed. Summer season will be severe in our region.

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    I am fond of cold weather. I very rarely use sweaters. We will have fans in the nights also but with a reduced speed. Hyderabad is having a peculiarity. The temperatures in the daytime are high and night temperatures are less. This is causing a big problem and the health of many will also get affected.
    In a year, the cold season will be a maximum of two months and these two months also only nights and early morning hours will be cold. Snow will be more early in the morning in Hyderabad. So I avoid going out when the snowfall was high. I go only when it is essential only.
    All our family members use thick bedsheets to cover their bodies in the winter season but never go for rugs. I never use even thick bed sheets also. Generally, I use no bed sheet but only when the temperature is very low I may use it. I use ear beds sometimes when I go out to avoid cold breeze entering into the body and at night when I sleep also I use them.

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    The place where I stay now is near to the hills of Himachal Pradesh and is quite cold these days. In fact, the winter so far happened to be very cold and there was hardly any sun for about a fortnight. Consequently, the weather happened to be colder than usual during this part of the year. The recent repeated snow falls in Himachal and specially in the nearby hills of Shimla, added to the vows of the residents.
    Having stayed near Mussoorie for many years I am used to cold spells but this time it was horrible as it was a prolonged spell. The minimum temperature at night is still around 10 degrees. We are still using heavy warm clothes, use room heaters for some time, use hot water for baths and, in fact, could not go out for walks for many days. It may take another week or so to experience perceptible rise in night temperature


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    I am comfortable in the summer time but cannot withstand the cold. In spite of the fact that my childhood was spent in a hilly place where almost every year we had snowfall and severe cold during the winters, I do not like the cold weather and the chills associated with it. Presently I am living in New Mumbai area and there is no winter here practically except a slight chill occasionally in the night when cold waves are prevalent in the Northern India. But this year was different as the temperatures here also dipped and people say that it has happened after decades like that. The result was that during the last one month I had used all my woollens, muffler, socks, full shirts etc to protect myself from the unprecedented cold this year in this part of the country. Though in the day time it was pleasant but late nights and mornings were exceptionally chill from my standards.
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