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    I am missing my two granddaughters

    When there are small kids in the house we will have a lot of fun and activity. We will enjoy their playful nature and also their every activity as they will be the learners. Once we are accustomed to such an atmosphere, by any chance if we miss the kids we will feel their absence more.

    My present position is like that. Ours is a combined family. Recently my elder son got a better job and he was posted in Bangalore. He was working from home and not shifted to Bangalore. But now the company asked them to come to the office one day a week. That made him shift to Bangalore. Now I am missing my two granddaughters and I am getting bored.

    Staying with them for a long time made me get attached more to them. Now my trips to Bangalore may increase to be with them for some time.
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    Children are a source of eternal joy. You can pass your time with them in a pleasant and satisfying manner. If you love them they will immensely reciprocate it and make you feel happy and contented. Actually when we have so much affection with them then we miss them badly when they go to other places for dwelling and then we always remember them and their actions when they were with us. I understand this situation well because when I had lived with my brother for 1 year in Bangalore then I was so much attached to his two little daughters that I was a bit upset when I left that place and came dawn to my present place.
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    Grand parents have a lot of attachment with their grand children. Now you are very much worried about as they are away from you. Still through video call you can chit chat with them daily for some time so that you and your grand daughters also feel happy. Once a while you can go there and physically meet them.

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    It is not that much easy to forget the innocent kids showering love to you always and so long you remain under their association, you would definitely enjoy it. They would have a lot of questions and it is you who would reply these queries to their satisfaction. Their innocence nature cannot be forgotten even after the departure from such kids.
    I have experienced the same when I happened to meet the two children of my younger brother aged seven and five respectively who were so close to me during my stint in their quarters. Though it was my short stay but still their innocence faces cannot be forgotten because of their pure loves.

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    It is always cherished dream for the elders of the family to have close bonding with the grand children and their every moves and acts are always remembered and fully enjoyed by the whole family. The children are mote attached to maternal side grand parents because there would be more concern, pampering and more attachment. But when the grand daughters of son who were with us till recently and had to part ways for many reasons, the feeling would be deep. Even I am feeling the missing of some children who were so close and yet shifted to their places as the work from home has ended and the family need to settle to their own homes. One thing is sure that the very presence of small children in everyhome is always lively and the grand parents are never board to have them always and the parting ways are very sad.
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    I have two grand daughters who are my only daughter's off springs. The elder one is only three and a half years old and I am surprised by her way of expressing things and grasping power. She comes to my place to meet me every evening and goes back to her home after having dinner. In fact, Niharikha is her name which I have been using in this channel as an identity. When I go out of Bangalore city for some days, she asks her parents to connect her with me on a video call. The younger one is only three months old. I too miss my grand daughters when I go away from them for even a few days.

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