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    Should the dress have any gender or religious identification?

    What a person wears is a matter of comfortability and personal choice. Someone's culture is so contemptible that just wearing clothes will ruin that culture? I don't believe it. No one's culture is ruined if you wear jeans after sari today. Depending on the natural environment in different places, the introduction of clothing has been introduced there. The clothes that people can live in harmony with the weather there will be worn. That's normal. So what is the reason for so much excitement around wearing clothes nowadays?
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    If we analyse the dress patterns of the people across the globe then we would come to some interesting observations. First is that there is a western dress which is much prevalent in many parts of the world and we can also say that it is a more and less a cosmopolitan dress across the countries. Apart from that another observation is that there are some communities and societies were most of the people are still adhering to the traditional dresses as per their societies custom and traditions and one can identify these people just by their dresses and attire. That is not a bad or wrong thing if one sticks to the traditional dresses but the things become hopeless when someone links it to the religion or sect. The situation becomes more miserable when some people start taking political mileage out of it.
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    Our Telugu lecturer in Intermediate used to wear a dhoti every day. But one day he came to the college with Pant and a shirt. One student asked him why did he change his dress code. The reply he gave on that day is still in my mind. He said that dress is to make you comfortable and should not cause any problem while attending your work. He went to spot valuation during summer to Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, he was travelling by city bus and for him, it is becoming very inconvenient to get to the local bus with dhoti and a bag in one hand. Then he decided to change into pants. He said as long as it is not embarrassing anybody your dress code can be decided by you.
    That is correct by all means. Generally, we decide our dress based on the climatic conditions and the work you are attending. When you are attending office you will go with formals and when you are attending leisure activities you will go with casual dress. Nothing wrong.

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    People should not have any objections regarding the dress- pattern. They can use the dresses as per liking but unfortunately, we could face a lot of criticism if we wear dhotis and kurtas. They would quote that we are inclined to Hindu religion and rather promoting the Hindu Culture by wearing such outfits. Though it might not be the case. Our dresses must follow the safety norms at least. In no case, we will be allowed to enter factory premises with our conventional dresses- Dhotis and Kurtas. We have to follow the dress codes as recommended by the management of factories.

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    When the dress is worn normal for daily use and other needs, that is not going to bother anyone and there is no need to interfere into that affair at all. But what is happening is the systematic back drop influence of certain sects which want to get their identification thanks to wearing their identified dress and thereby getting selective approach for the reasons better known to them. For example when the helmet rule is for all then why there is no strict rules followed in old city of Hyderabad for not wearing the helmet and they are not challaned as the rider would have the scullcap and that signifies the preferential treatment and the traffic cop would not fine them. This kind of selective approach only gets furious reactions from other motor riders, who are fined for not wearing helmets and even courts are not taking this issues.
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    Dressing up decently with dignity is important for every human beings. Some people dress for comfort and wear what they want, be it a western attire or a traditional one. However, some others deck up themselves by wearing sarees and dhothis,angavasthram and other accessories. I think people should be allowed to done up according to their choice but only wear what is suitable for them and does not make them uncomfortable. For example, some people wear leather jackets in hot summer and people comment on them. That kind of comment is sometimes acceptable.

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