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    Valentine's Day should be celebrated with everyone?

    Happy valentine's day to all.
    It's been a love day lately, but I don't know exactly why. Do you need a day to honor your parents or to love your husband and wife? Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
    I think the day should be celebrated with other members of the family as well as celebrating the day of love of the lover or husband and wife. Every child should show more love to their mother especially on Valentine's Day. Because only the mother unselfishly loves her child. By all accounts, Valentine's Day needs to be celebrated with all.
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    Sharing love and joy should not be a one-day affair. It should be continuous and at all times. Why a child should love his/her mother only on this day. Similarly why a wife should love her husband only on this day. Love should be universal. We should love all our fellow humanbiengs. We should love trees, animals and the environment. All of them are loving us and contribute their might for us. So we should reciprocate.
    It is the western culture that has brought a day like this mothers day, father day, friendship day and so on so forth. Nothing wrong with following them. But we should understand the true spirit behind this occasion and accordingly we should celebrate.
    A happy Valentine's day to all the members of this site. Let us develop love towards all and maintain cordial relations with all our fellow human beings.

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    I also wish a happy Valentine day to all and though it is a tradition of the western world but the developing countries have already copied so may things from the western world that there is northing wrong to add one more item to that big list. The author has raised a good post highlighting the need of continuous good behaviour and love with all the family members, friends, and relatives rather than confining it to the couples only. The idea of fixing a particular day dedicated to a particular activity is just to remind people if some of them have forgotten their duties and responsibilities to the other concerned persons. Another thing is people are generally fond of partying and get-to-gathers and these dedicated days give a great opportunities for carrying those fun activities with friends and beloved ones. That is the natural yearning that many of us possess.
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    Happy Valentine's day. Loving every one irrespective of caste,creed and gender is great. However,as the author has rightly said this habit should be followed every single day. One should not wait for Valentine's day to express love with gifts and roses.

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    Nice observation from the author. If the valentine day is celebrated for showering love and emotion, then it can be done with anyone and it may be between mother and child, mother and her husband or passing the love with the elders of the family. It is always good to have cordial relations with the family members and there need not be single day called this day. One thing is sure, when there is a designated day for some celebrations, we get into good mood, good planning and that would give formidable ideas to have fun and frolic in great way. And if the marriage is done on this day, then that would be considered great because the whole world would be celebrating and the remembrance would be easy for every year. For every person some one is very dear in the life and they can always vent their feelings for sure.
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