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    Regarding adsense account

    I applied for adsense account. But something error happened. Google showing status disabled and India study channel showing status pending. Can you suggest me what to do next? Should I apply again?
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    These days Google is not approving new accounts easily and taking a long time. I request you to review your application once and see that your name in the Adsense application matches the name on this site. I did a mistake when I applied where the name I used there my full name. Still, my application is pending only.
    I request you to go through the following look to know the full details about getting the AdSense application approved.
    How to get AdSense applications approved

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    Dr Sanchita Ranjan,

    Just now when I checked your AdSense profile account here at ISC (you can see it through your Dashboard), it shows that you are eligible for it, and does not indicate that your application was rejected. Please explain what you mean by "Google showing status disabled". Where have you seen this? Have you received an email communication from Google that your application was rejected/your AdSense account is disabled?

    You do not need to bother about the pending status shown by ISC. That appears for everyone and does not affect the approval process. Please read this earlier announcement.

    Also, please read this announcement and confirm whether you applied through the link Tony Sir has given.

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    Many of us had same problem and a lot of difficulties in getting our Adsense accounts approved as it was showing pending for a long time. In my case it was showing pending for about a year and then one day I found it as approved. As Dr Rao has mentioned that in his case it is still showing pending. Another important thing that I want to highlight here though it is no way connected right now with your problem is that Google is very particular that the account holder should not click on the advertisements himself and if it is done by mistake even then they would disable the account for a month or so as the penalty and earnings would be deducted. So once your account is approved please take care that you accidentally do not click the advertisements anywhere as that is taken very seriously by Google.
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    Vandana ma'am,
    I am very confused regarding this. I haven't received an email from Google that application is approved or not. I have not applied through Tony sir link. When you open my adsense profile you will find approx 5 sentences has been written. If you permit me I can show you by taking screenshot.

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    Dr Sanchita,

    I checked the AdSense profile again just now and you are right. It seems that your account was disabled if you did have one or it was rejected if you applied for the first time. Yesterday, when I checked that page, that message was not there!

    Unfortunately, the approval process is not in ISC's hands and the admin. would not know why it is not approved or why it is disabled. The admin. only provides the platform (contributions to ISC) to apply for it. However, don't lose hope. What I suggest is that you submit a good number of quality contributions over the span of the next three months at least, and contribute to sections where detailed content can be submitted. This would primarily be articles, since then a long list of articles will appear on that AdSense profile account page, as well as sections like schools and colleges. Here also, some quality descriptive text would be considered as great content. In contributing to the AE section, too, try to put content that is not in points' format, but in paragraph format like it would be for a mini-article, with an easy flow to it and in-depth info. At the end of 3-4 months, apply again through the link given by Tony Sir.

    All the best!

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    Dr Rao,

    When did you last try applying again?

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Vandana, ME,
    I applied I think two years back.
    But whenever I see on the Adsense website, it says 'we're working on setting you up.'
    It continues to say that " This usually takes a few days but in some cases, it may take up to 2 weeks. we'll notify you when everything is ready. Then start earning money by placing on the ads."
    The same message is there on my page on that site for the last 2 years or so.
    pub-7641231511184387 is the number given.
    On ISC in my Adsense account, the information is shown as
    Google status: Approved
    Indiastudychannel Status: Pending.

    As I am not able to understand what to do I left it.

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    To my surprise today I received approval from the Adsense account and as instructed in the mail I received from them I activated auto adds and customised as mentioned. Am I to do anything more now?
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