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    How do I know the best school in Gurgaon?

    Gurgaon has a lot of schools that can be called the best, whether it is for its infrastructure or it's academics. but everyone not stands according to their learning methodology which they show at the time of admission. How do I know which one is best?
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    I hope you are from Gurgaon only. You can try the following ways to know the details about a school and rate them.
    1. Nowadays almost all good schools are having their own websites and there they will be giving details about the schools and there may be some reviews by old students also. So you can go through the websites so that you can get some idea about the school.
    2. It is better to discuss the school with known people and if they have any idea or knowledge about the school they will share the same with you there.
    3. You can understand the past history of the school by searching on the internet. There are many sites where you will see the rankings of various schools that are available in a particular area.
    4. By doing the above homework you can select some 4 or 4 good schools.
    To make the final selection you have to visit the schools and interact with the teachers there. You can also talk to the parents of the students who are studying in that school as on date. If you can get a chance, you can also attend a teacher-parent interaction meeting so that you will get a better picture of the school. Then you can make the final selection.

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    These days, it is not so difficult to trace out the nest schools of any city. You need to go through the website and can have the picture of the best schools located in your town. The website will indicate the strength of staffs, their qualifications and experience and even you can have feed of the guardians regarding their quality of teaching. Fee structure of these schools would vary but you should not be guided that the school administration charging hefty fees always is the best ones.
    You need to search out the history of the schools and ensure how many students each year have shown their excellent ratings in terms of marks at the end of the academic sessions. Apart from that you have to ensure the administration of the Principal of the school in relation to control of teachers. Moreover the Principal stresses the need of overhaul development of the pupils with their better communication skills and are sound in the extra curricular activities at the same time.

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    Nowadays It is not a difficult task to find the best school around your location. But Sometimes we can not properly judge the right school for our children. We should never blindly faith in the advertisement of any school. Last time I have seen an attractive school pamphlet but When I visited the school I found more than 70% advertise are wrong.

    As We know ISC has a great collection of data for educational institutes. You can find the best School in Gurgaon from ISC Database

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    As already advised above I will also suggest you to go through the ISC database about the schools in Gurgaon and from that you would get some good information and then can visit the specific school site. If you sort out a few schools like that and then you want to get more details about their relative merits then you can again put up a query here and I am sure that members here would give elaborate answers to your query.
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