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    Love rules without the sword and binds without a chord

    Many authors have written books on the power of love and its importance in the human lives. We will find a lot of literature on love and its manifestation in the society. So many movies are made on this important aspect of our lives and it is one of the most outstanding emotions in our relationships with our beloved ones. The beauty in a love relationship is that there is no master and no slave in it. These attachments are based on mutual respect and coordination. Also, there is no place for conflict and remorse in these relationships. Sacrificing for each other is the main premises on which these relationships thrive. What are your thoughts on a lovely relationship?
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    True love is always based on give and take policy and there is no domination of any side and only humble submission. When there is no mastere there is no slave. When every one takes that they are down to earth person, the ego is not present and thus adjustment would be certain for any issue or difference of opinion. If the love is pure, there cannot be second thoughts in misbehaving or undermining the others as the trust and belief goes side by side and that would be formidable, When each has the tendency to forgive and forget, there is no question of vengeance or after effects and therefore every bad situation would be turned into most amicable situation of give and take. Lovely relations always cherish the great moments of life and that is enough to survive even the darkest periods in life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True love never expects anything in return and believes in giving whatever possible. If the person is really ready to share the love with others he never thinks about the position or status of the other person in society.
    A mother shares her true love with her children. A mother never eats without her children eating and if the food is less she will drink water and give food to her children. There will be no complaints in her mind about their children.
    If the love is between a boy and a girl, they will never insult the other person and they feel always together. They need not talk but can understand each other well.

    always confident

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