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    If you have grip on money and work, then the life is stress free

    It is normally observed that one gets into stress mode on two main issues that would always bother them. The first being the money and the second being the work. While money earning has become important for the formidable living and survival, the money earned should be enough to save for future and that would guarantee for secured living. And when the work goes smooth without any hassle and that would pave way for the good earning too. That is the reason being so those who earn good money and have perfect work balance are never seen in stress. Do you agree?
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    There are many reasons of stress in our lives. Author has also mentioned certain aspects absence of which can bring stress in our lives. It is generally believed that stress is mainly caused by our failures and inability to achieve what we had planned and desired in our day to day lives. Sometimes it is also caused by the family matters, relationship issues, social matters, workplace issues, and many other things through which stress can enter in our lives and stay for sometime. It is interesting to note that sometimes just a feeling of jealousy would be sufficient to cause a stress in life.Let us try to understand that human mind is a conducive place for stress. So it is imperative that having control on our thoughts and thought processes is one of the important thing that we have to undertake in order to get minimum stress or simply eradicate this stress from our life. Remaining engaged in creative activities and other works related to livelihood and earning money for our survival as well as for our future security will definitely be helpful in reducing the stress levels.
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    In my opinion, satisfaction in what you do is a good stress buster. For example, when you do some work and find it truly worthy ,you feel very happy and relaxed. No doubt you need to have enough money to run the family and support yourself. However, when you work hard ,money lands up in your lap automatically. Both goddess Laxmi and Saraswathi are primal devis who give us wealth and wisdom. When their grace falls on you, you can lead a stress free life.

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    The author has raised a very apt issue and all of us have to face stress in some form or the other. In the wake of no income or less income, stress would definitely set up and it would be rather difficult to get rid of this negativity. However, it is not a guarantee that the responsible persons getting decent incomes are immune to stress. They have the stress for varied reasons- not necessarily for their personal achievements but this might be connected with the organisations where they are putting their services. If the targets are not fulfilled as per their expectations, stress is bound to develop. Then there are family- issues regarding the daughter's marriages and host of other personnel issues which could trigger stress. However the same can be managed to some extent with proper training of our mindset.

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    The reasons for stress in our lives will be many. The author has touched upon the two important issues from the lot. Many of us think that if we have money we can do anything and we will not have any problems. But there are many things which money can't bring. Health is one such important aspect. Another one is our habits. I have seen some people who are having a very good job and money but they will not feel happy unless otherwise, they have a drink. Such people may spoil their lives with addiction towards certain habits. It all depends on how you manage your mindset.
    Sometimes our other family members may also be a cause of stress to us. We may be in a good profession and we may be having good money, but if our children are not doing well in their education we will get stressed. Like this, there are many things which will make us stressed more and more.

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