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    Are you able to recognize the talents in your children and help them to develop their skills?

    Many children have been gifted with special abilities such as painting, music, playing musical instruments, drawing, and so on. Some parents encourage them to hone their skills by making them get training from professionals which would permit them to take part in contests and get noticed
    How do you come to know that the child in your family has some extraordinary skills? How do you motivate them to excel in their creative skills?
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    An interesting post by the author. In most of the families the parents will be after the children requiring them to excel in academics and qualify in an exam to get some good job. That is the main agenda in the minds of the parents and in most of the cases they do not go beyond that. Today there are so many career lines emerging about which parents have no idea and no first hand information. They will feel that all those lines are wastage of time and energy. But it is not like that. There are many creative areas like theatre, fine arts, acting, event management, designing, music etc and if a child is good in any of these fields then it makes sense to promote him by encouraging him to acquire professional skills in that area before he embarks upon making a career.
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    Parents and grandparents will be spending time with the kids in the family. So they will be observing these kids closely. That will make them know their interests and they will notice the skills in them.
    My elder granddaughter is having a flair for painting. She used to sit with a pencil and paper always. My daughter-in-law noticed the same and she took special care and started teaching her painting. Now she paints very nicely. Now they are thinking of sending her to a special coaching class to teach this subject.
    The second granddaughter is very interested in dancing. Whenever she hears a different style of music she used to get up and started moving her hands and legs. Again her mother showed her some Videos and made her see them. Now she dances exactly like in the videos whenever she hears those rhymes. She is having ease in her dancing and I think she will become a good dancer. So we may send her to dance classes to learn dance.

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    Surely apart from studies there are many fields in which the children have the chance to expose themselves and excel. For example my boy has the interest in guitar playing and he learned on his own without anybody tutorial and today he can play good tunes, film songs also. Likewise my daughter interested in the dance. Only day before yesterday, there was a Sangeet program in the marriage of my sister daughter, and a dance troop from across the country, all the friends of groom came and shared their dance stint. Even my daughter performed few numbers and there was no training and just followed the lyrics and danced to the tune and that was liked by the audience and huge applause. Surely children of these days are having many skills and it is the parents who must give them more wings to fly high and conquer the world.
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