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    Some people have hidden motives behind their actions

    There are some intelligent as well as clever people who have a quality of taking advantage out of their position and influence. It is seen that if such people get a good position in government or even in a private enterprise they will start their actions in a direction which will bring them some favours from all those to whom they might favour because of their position and power.
    This could be labelled as corruption but it is fact of life and there are some people who can take advantage of the situation mainly due to their influential position.
    When we observe the actions of these people then apparently we will not find anything because their real motives are deeply hidden behind their actions and it is very difficult to catch them by the common or gullible people. They operate in highly meticulous ways.
    Have you ever felt like this about some people? Can you share your observations?
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    That is true. Some people never divulge their inner thoughts and inner aspirations. They act differently so that people will never notice their real intentions. But they go on working in that direction only.
    I go for an official work to a particular place. If I have some personal work at that place I will complete that also along with official work. To some extent, we may accept this also. But some people create some official work in the place where they have their personal work. Go there, complete their work and then come back. But they never give any hint to anybody about the work they did there. I have seen many such people during my career. They use office people for getting their personal works done and they feel as if it is their right. But they show all this to others as if they are working 24 X 7 for the progress of the organisation.

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    In ECIL office and factory at Hyderabad, we find husband and wife working in the same organization and that proved great advantages as there is no transfer and the salary was good. When there were 8000 employees at least half of them are paired with each other and that proves the great hidden motives of the employees who joined as single and later got married as they know the perks and allowance also. And those caste people and relatives are in power, they would take advantage of the same and seek favors. It is always seen in the secretariat and Ministers peshi that the local people belonging to his district or town would be waiting for one favor or the other and the Minster makes them to wait for even few days to make them know that favors cannot be done that easily and price for that need to be paid before hand.
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    Yes, the author is right that the hidden motives of the executives at least working in the public sectors cannot be identified so easily with the other work- force. Apparently, the boss looks fine maintaining the standing rules of the company but they have their own ways of working. They would call his favourite and often talk with their favourite fellows for long without paying attention to what others are telling. These trusted employees would facilitate the working of the bosses with the contacts of the middle man of the other companies where both boss and themselves are benefited from the hidden agendas. The deals remain secret but with the time, they will make abundant money due to their clever tricks.

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    The author is absolutely right, we are seeing many people taking advantage of the position, especially government enterprise, and politics are full of such people. In this also there are two types of people, first, those who only look after their own interest but secondly those who do wrong or injustice to others for their own meaning and this is the second type of people who are leading in corruption. The biggest point is that some people do not just want to enjoy earning money from these ways but also want to rule on others, which is totally unacceptable..

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    There are some people like this and if they cross the limit it can create difficulties in the workplace and can even hamper the activities of the organizations they are attached to. In an organization, a few managers were acted so intelligently that they diverted the clients of that organization to their own organization which they founded without the knowledge of the company where they used to work. With time, the company lost their client base but the managers were quite happy as they were aware of what was happening behind the scene. Every work is done for a purpose but when along with that intended purpose a few personal goals are also served regularly then it is not at all good for the survival of the organization.

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