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    Do you grow plants anywhere around your house? How do you nurture them?

    Plants are very useful for us and many people grow plants with a lot of care. Plants help us in various ways. The plants such as rose,jasmine, lily, marigold, hibiscus can be easily grown in the flower pots. I have been growing some plants in the balcony, portico and terrace since three months and I have immense liking for these plants. When roses of various colors bloom on the plants, the joy I experience can never be expressed through words. I am eager to know more about protecting them from bugs. How do you take care of your plants? What kind of fertilizers do you use to make them grow well? Please discuss.
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    Plants are very important for our very existence on this planet. So it is our responsibility to see that we plant as many plants as possible. We have an independent house in Hyderabad. I left about 100 sq, yards vacant place in the front and backside of the house. We have a mango tree, Banana trees and orange tree in the area behind the house. In the front, we have many plants of various types. We have rose plants, lily plants, hibiscus plants are also there. My wife is having a lot of interest in nurturing these plants. We have some pots with plants on our first floor and on the terrace. We have made some drip watering system to all these plants and daily our servant maid will water these plants.
    My wife will be observing the plants and she will be applying NPK as and when required. If there is any problem with insects etc we will call a known gardener to apply required insecticides or pesticides. We have a small pit made for making the compost also in the open area.

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    In Telangana state in general and Hyderabad in particular there are rules that those who sow the plants must nurture them and even water them daily till the plants become tree and afford to grow on own. By this new law, even though we have the open spaces and places, we cannot sow seeds and nurture plant as the govt as part of Haritha Haram program plants around one crore sapling every year and that is the reason being so even you view from the sky the city would have the cover of green trees and knowing the land mark from the birds eyes view would be difficult. Even the tree guards supplied by the govt as free of cost are being misused and the tree guard is used as the make shift passage to other places from the park inside home. Bur the new concept of having the terrace garden and nurturing plants would be private affair.
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    Till last few years back we are having our own individual house and that is of more than 40 years old. In that house we used to grow so many different varieties of flowering and fruiting plants. We used to have lot of space around our house. Rose, jasmine , lily Parijatham, China rose, Canna, Paper flower plant,
    etc. as flowering plants, Mango, Banana, Sapota, Seethaphal, Ramaphal, 11 Coconut trees, Tamarind, Soapnuts, etc. We used to grow vegetables like Lady's finger, Tomatoes, Chillies, Beans, leafy vegetables, etc. in our house. Because of all these plants we used to have cool climate during severe summer season. Due large number of plants and trees many interesting migrated birds used to stay on our trees during summer. But due to sharing of property, we gave this site for development and now we are residing in one of the flat. In the ground floor, the builder planted so many different varieties of flowering, decorative and fruiting plants. Now in my balcony I am growing few flowering plants. I am very unhappy because we don't have sufficient land to grow plants like before but we have to adjust.

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    The mere discussions of plants and trees makes me feel very happy. I am also planning to grow some vegetables on my terrace. I will take the help of a gardener.

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    I have a small flat and a small balcony and in that we have put some flower plants in which some miscellaneous flowers are blooming. We have to change the soil once in a year and add some general fertilizers for flowers which are available in the market. One thing which is very important in this matter is that we should not keep the flower pots throughout the day in sunlight because they will dry up fast. It is better to keep them in a place where they get sunlight for half day or a few hours as that is sufficient to keep them green and lively. Then we have to water the plants at least once in two days preferably in evening time so that the plants remain moist up to the next day morning.
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    We had a big house at Dehradun and my wife is very fond of flowering plants. We had about 100 flower pots put in the verandah and alongside about 100 feet passage to garage. Some pots were really huge, say palm trees and other of different sizes. Unfortunately, we had to leave all those with a friend when we shifted from Dehradun. Now in the new house that we have is an apartment, but luckily there are galleries in the front and the rear side. Also, there is plenty of sun and air during all seasons. So my wife has put plants in pots, again mostly flowering plants. Daily care is taken by both of us but a gardener visits us every Sunday to decide about any action required for the upkeep of these plants (like fertilizers, protection/treatment of bugs, etc.). I think one can pursue his/her hobby within limited space and even limited resources and still can enjoy this.

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