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    How can you learn about the culture of a country?

    Many people are interested to know about culture of countries which are different from their own culture. Some learn by reading books, watching videos and a few even visit the country personally.
    Some Europeans visit India, stay here and travel to various tourist places. They also attend Weddings and taste different Indian cuisine in addition to wearing Indian traditional dresses. Even Indians go to various countries and do the same. Is it easy to learn about the culture of a foreign country? Can you fully understand it by watching videos or reading books related to tourism?
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    In my opinion, books are the best and most reliable source for understanding the culture of other countries or even our country. But the selection of books is very important. Some may not bring out the actual facts but they will change them the way they wanted. We all know how our history was written by Britishers under the guidance of Britishers.
    In my opinion, we should read the books written by the natives of the place during various times. In our Hindu religion, there are many old epics that will tell about our rich culture of ours. Similarly, the other cultures will also have some good and reliable books. We should depend on them more. Many videos that are appearing on social media can't be taken as standard videos.
    By visiting those countries we may known the culture that is existing these days in those areas in a better way.

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    For that matter every state and country across the world has cultural departments or Ministries which promotes the cultural activities of the region and therefore if any wants to embrace any culture or want to know the details they have to contact the cultural department. Our Indian missions and embassies abroad have the arrangements with the local organisation and often organize cultural events so that the locals and the foreigners would feel connected and committed towards the culture. One thing is sure, it is responsibility of every citizen to know their cultural events celebrated by their own family and that would pave way for knowing the culture and tradition of the particular state and country. Likewise we also get astonished with foreign culture and we kept informed by the embassies situated in various countries.
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    One of the sources of learning other countries culture is books. Standard books that give correct information must be referred. For perfect understanding of the culture one has to visit the country and have to mingle with people for some time. Practical approach is the best way to get the real picture. Real learning of anything comes from practical approach. For such learning, the persons must have real interest, keen observation, and grasping power. They have to stay with different section of people and have to interact with them friendly to get information.

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    Books, especially the historical or nonfiction books related to a country or place are the best source for learning the culture of that place. Information about the tourism and other such activities about any country will also give us some clues regarding its traditions and practices. One thing which is very important in this matter is that in many countries there will be a mix of population corresponding to different different cultures and traditions or rather say belonging to different different religions. In that case every group preserves its own identity within the combined identity of that country and it becomes very difficult to attribute any specific cultural tradition to that country. Scholars believe that in that case the majority culture can be accepted as the culture of that country but that is not exactly the truth about the situation. In such cases finding the true culture of that country becomes a complicated process.
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