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    What should be the different content of an educational channel site?

    At present, with the advent of commercialization in the education system, new horizons have come to this system, on the contrary, the trend of systematic evolution of education has not been able to spread. As a result, the policy of division has entered into education. That is why different students and parents have to face different difficulties to make the right decision. In this situation, the importance of an educational channel has increased. In most cases, they are able to make the necessary decisions with the necessary data information from the education channel. So Education Channel will be a site where students get all the information they need in the right form and quantity. What information do you think should create a truly educational channel?
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    If the educational channel is solely dedicated to the bookish knowledge of the students and for that a site need not be coined as there are wholesome contents hoisted in the net and that is enough. But educational channel like ISC is the great diversification of information on varied matters and that is why our site is ranked best on search engines We are not only student centric as regards to academic information, subject information, exam papers, question papers and above all knowledge sharing forum and ask experts sections gives broad insight of varied information. And our resource section itself the treasure of detailed information on many matter. Even the job opportunity section is filled with latest offers from the industries and thus our channel has set the example for others to emulate but be equal even in future.
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    Education channels will be available to all at a nominal cost. In these channels, if the videos and audios of well learned and good teachers are kept, all students can hear them and view them. That gives chance to the people who can't get into good schools due to their personal problems can also get the advantage of hearing and learning from eminent professors and teachers. Yesterday I was going through a site that is introduced by the Central government. In that, anybody can learn whatever area they choose. There are lecturers from professors of IITs and IIMs. If a student selects a course and goes through the lecturers, he will get a good grip over that particular subject. If interested a student can attend for an examination also by paying a minimum fee, he will be given credits and that will be accepted by the institute he is studying. At the same, there is no rule that you have to write the examination also.
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    Students will get a good assistance from educational channels which would surely help them to learn from experts at their home itself without running around to tutorials. Videos of expert teachers help them to prepare for entrance exams.Therefore,the mushrooming of such channels should be welcomed.

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    Educational channels or educational sites are definitely a great help for the students as well as their parents for getting information on various aspects related to education and career in today's environment. Basically there are two broad categories under which these sites can be put. One is the platform where academic or technical education is provided and other is the plateform where information regarding institutions and admissions is provided. It is the latter one in which people often visit to find a variety of information regarding the educational institutions and process of getting admission in them. these sites are supposed to contain information on a vast number of various kinds of institutions in the country and their admission process and if possible their relative merit as regards to the campus recruitment and placement help in the present tough competitive environment. I feel ISC is already one such site which is incorporating these elements in its structure.
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