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    Development of people or development of infra ? Which is more important

    Many a time our country and many other countries has been described as developing country but whereas for us huge buildings, great road network connectivity and available of copious water for farming would make our country more pride and development assured. On the other hand there are other school of thought that if the people are able to earn good salary every month and their spending capacity every month would also be great and formidable. In that case what we can call, either development of people or development of infra would decide the greatness of a country ?
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    Both the facts are essential for the development of a country. The basic amenities like roads, trains, hospitals, water supply, etc. are essential for people to lead comparable life. If these basic amenities are there only people will flourish. Without such facilities a country appears to be poor. Then how people earn good salaries and have spending capacity . Parallel development of both these will make the country well developed.

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    Ultimate is the development of the people only. Why we want good infrastructure. That is not alone for the convenience of the people. They are required to attract foreign investors or investors from India also to invest their money in the industry so that new jobs will come and people will get more and more jobs. That will make people also rich and their spending capacity will also increase. So both are dependent.
    We all know that India is having a lot of manpower. So labour is available at a cheaper rate. So foreign investors will look at our country for their business. They look for good facilities to get their work done easily and also the place should be easily reachable. Once we develop infra, definitely they will come here.
    So we require both. The infrastructure development and development of people. But unfortunately in our country, the development of people is not even. The rich are becoming much richer and the poor are always remaining poor. This is causing the real problem.

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    I also feel that development of the people as well as infrastructural development both are required for progress and prosperity of a country. They actually go hand in hand.
    On relative sense development of persons is actually more important because until the mindset of people is not progressive then infrastructure development alone will not be the real indicator of the progress.
    When we say development of the people then it means that they should be aware of their national responsibilities and their duties as a good citizen of the country.
    So we have to give emphasis on the development of the people primarily in addition to the usual infrastructure development.

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    What I feel that both should be given top priorities. A better infrastructures will reduce the time of delivery of the essential products apart from easy accessibility of the people due to the better road connectivity. The net result will lead to prosperity of the country.
    Now let us consider the overall development of people with the better job opportunities and if that happens, they will enjoy their lives comfortably since they would get their desired products for which they were dreaming of earlier. Their confidence will develop due to better conditions of the job market.

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    I think both, the development of the infrastructure and the people, are important. Development of infrastructure paves the way for development of the people involved in effecting that development. Both should move in tandem.

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    The economic and social foundations that are considered as essential elements for keeping the economy of a country dynamic and achieving the desired economic development by providing proper/timely dynamics and smooth conduct of development activities are collectively called infrastructure. Simply put, the foundations that make a significant contribution to the economic development of a country and through which economic activities can be kept dynamic are called infrastructure. There are two main types of infrastructure. Namely: a. Social infrastructure b. Economic infrastructure. Social infrastructure includes the development of humans. Therefore, the development of social and economic infrastructure is essential for the overall development of a country. The author here speaks of the improvement of both the people and the infrastructure. But human development is a part of the infrastructure. So the overall infrastructural improvement is complete with human improvement
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